Tea on Tuesday

As I sit here sipping my matcha lemonade (to be followed with quick breakfast and my yerba mate tea! before I head out the door to the thrift shop for my Tuesday volunteer), I am thinking back on a lovely day with friends.

Two friends from my old home town, made the 2 hour drive down to have tea  and lunch at Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room in Harrisonburg.
Sadly, Mrs. Hardesty's will close its doors on August 13, so I am glad we got a reservation and were able to be there one last time.
Altho' I wasn't too hungry, I had rooisbos tea in a delicate china cup, and a sweet and very light bluebery scone.

My friends had a sandwich and delicious baby greens salad. Evan had her eye on a neighboring table's dessert, only to find out that lucky lady was eating the last slice!! But there was an array of equally delicious ones to choose from. I think she picked something with lavender and white chocolate!

The tea room was packed to capacity- altho' when I decided/remembered to take photos - the crowd had cleared.

Behind the front counter is a lovely teacup quilt (I would love to have that!!) and right in front, the sniffing bar - where you can take a whiff before you order your tea.

Above (in the sideways picture that despite rotation will not show itself upright!) is the Tea Guide, with a list of every tea that is available to drink, a tiny paper napkin with a note asking lipstick wearers to use this to blot, instead of their white linen napkins. Also a tiny pot of honey - a gift to Evan and I from Montte!

Here we all are - friends since our kids were in preschool together - at least 25 years................from left, Evan, Montte and I.

Below, the view outside Mrs. Hardesty's, in historic downtown Harrisonburg, Va- and the alleyway leading to outside dining.

Thanks for joining us for tea - please stop by to see Kimmie and Patty for a list of other tea fanciers!


  1. OH NO, I hate hearing that Mrs H's is closing!
    it is such a special spot...
    sniff sniff

    nothing lasts forever...does it

    glad you got to enjoy it again with special friends...13 August will be here before we know it!

  2. Looks similar to our local tea room. I love going in there and just looking at all the pretty things, and of course having some tea, sometimes dessert. Love the tea cup quilt hanging on their wall. Good way to use up scraps. Happy tea day.

  3. What a great tea room...boo hooo that it is closing! So glad you were able to go one more time. Hugs,

  4. I am sad to hear that Mrs. H's Tea Room is closing and I only got to go there one time, but a time worthy of remembering. A good reminder not to put off visits such as that! Lesson learned!
    What a fun look on your faces to be together over tea time! Wonderful.

  5. If the tea room was packed, why is it closing down? Sounds like a great place for gathering with friends. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy

  6. I'm with Tammy. Why is the tea room closing if it's got so much business? Usually these places close from lack of business or loss of customers. Regardless, I can see it is a wonderful place to enjoy a light lunch or a tea break. Sou8nds like it has been a popular place for all the east coast friends. And it looks like a great time was had by you and your friends, too. Happy, happy Tea Tuesday. Have fun volunteering, too.

  7. Love the photos! It was great getting together and having and tea and picking back up just like old times when we met on a weekly basis in Sterling. We miss you but look forward to our next visit. I will see you again in October when I come down for Homecoming if not before. Love, Montte

  8. There is not much finer than tea with old friends...So glad you were able to meet one more time before your tea spot closed. oxo

  9. What a lovely post! So much fun to meet with friends. This looks like a lovely tea room and how sad that it is closing! I'm with you, I'd love to have that teacup quilt!!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  10. Just lovely! My kind of place! Maybe someone will purchase and reopen it?

  11. such a beautiful place....having tea with good friends and a nice spread of yummy food too....happy volunteering and happy Tuesday!!

  12. AS I recall - the owner wanted to spend more time with family. No one is picking up the slack - except Julieanna's in Broadway!!YAY!! This tearoom was crowded, I expect, because everyone was trying to get in before it closed. They always seemed to do a pretty good crowd.

  13. What a neat get together with old friends! How sad that the tea shop is closing down though. A good tea spot is hard to find! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Looks like a wonderful visit! Friends are so important to our everyday life. So sad to hear another tea room is closing. We have one not far from me closing in September.

  15. That is wonderful that you have long-time friends like that. I think my oldest friend only goes back to 8th grade...

  16. Hello,
    what a wonderful place to celebrate a nice tea time. Looks really inviting and interesting (and so yummy!)
    Best greetings, Johanna

  17. I'm always looking for tea rooms , so am sad when I hear of one closing...but it does look like you had a delightful time with your friend.... Thanks for sharing ..HUGS

  18. I'm sorry to hear the tea room is closing as it sounds like a wonderful place to visit. The funny thing is that my Mum has exactly the same tea service as the tea cup in the first photo. She got it as a wedding present in the 60s. Thousands of miles away and decades later the same design of tea service is being used to cheer people in a tea room :o)