One Can Never Have Too Many Aprons!!!

I just received my goodie in the mail from Linda of Fiber Fabrications !!
She makes neat little aprons out of jeans, and this was the only bib apron in her Etsy shop. Plus, it had frogs on it - and I love frogs and toads!!!

It is even cuter in person, if that's possible- made of khaki denim with a blue jean pocket, vintage buttons, and froggy floral ruffle. So, I now have a new favorite apron to join my collection in my pantry!!

The tag on the apron was attached with some of her impossibly soft alpaca yarn, in a dyed peach color! I may have to buy some of that too!!! LOL

Thank you, Linda!!!!


  1. This apron is very awesome, love the pocket :) I was just looking on that site this morning! Aprons make me feel homey :)

  2. Great apron - Linda lives not too far from us - we are planning a trip over to see her alpacas and all the fun stuff she makes.

  3. I Love that denim pocket and the style of the bib apron is neat and fits you so nicely. Also love the ruffle. All in all, a great apron. Lennie

  4. I am so glad you like it, Pat. I love making them! Looks like I'd better get some more bibs made!!

  5. Cute apron! And, I agree with Patty....nice looking model!!!