This Is Tuesday, So It Must Be Time For TEA!

Today's tea is pretty uneventful. I was up really early, staring at the one lone bearded iris left on the counter. Yellow doesn't "paint" well, so I thought, why don't I try to paint IT! Well, not paint, exactly, but colored pencils.

I haven't really tried to sketch or draw in eons- zentangling doesn't really count!
Obviously, I need alot more practice, but sitting peacefully and sketching, for the amount of time it took to drink the tea, it's not too terribly bad! Definitely not a Wyeth or a Van Gogh,! I may have to make this a morning ritual, from time to time!

The tea is Stash's Earl Grey Black, the mug is a handmade redware cutie that I discovered at the thrift store. Not the fanciest mug in town, but I love the sentiment.

Visit two other Tuesday Teas
Kimmie from Art in Red Wagons started this tea party, Patty from Magpie's Nest, and I joined in. There may be more party-ers out there - but we need a link to know who you all are!! The more the merrier-it's still Tuesday if you want to join in- and there's always time for tea! Mark your calendars - and meet us here every Tuesday for tea!!!!


  1. You are quite the artist, gal and I think I really like the medium you are using for this neat flower, a bit fragile and sturdy all at once. A very good sentiment on the mug too, although I'd fill mine with some strong coffee! Lennie

  2. You are wayyyy too hard on yourself! This is a beautiful beautiful sketch!

    I love the mug :) ..... and the idea of what you can do in the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of tea is a very wise and simple one :)

    Have a sweet sweet day!

  3. I love your sketch :) and that mug, that's a treasure too.
    Enjoy :)

  4. Your sketch is really beautiful and delicate as the iris you painted! Wish I could share that Earl Grey with you!

  5. I need a cup of tea right wind down from a long day with nothing really going the "right" way. The sketch is really nice... keep it up... there is someting very calming about sketching.

  6. I think that's BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Earl Grey is also one of my favourites...I've only recently discovered that bergamot is a citrus fruit (I always thought it was a flower!)I ate the preserved peel whilst in Crete and it was gorgeous.
    Anyway....I really like your picture; so delicate and pretty. Do lots more!
    Linda xo

  8. Exquisite sketch! You have captured the delicate essence of an iris. I love your tea mug too.