Tea on Tuesday

I am sipping a lovely cup of Yorkshire Gold - received in a swap a while ago - so I can't give credit to the person who sent me this!!! It  must have been from one of the teabag swaps I did!!

My footed cup is a thrift store find - silver colored pedestal with a black and white winter panorama circling the cup. Not really large enough for my usual cup of tea - but I like it!

A trip to the local nursery this past week netted me bags full of little gourds and pumpkins!!! I thought they were a steal at 50 cents a piece!!! When they are totally dried out- I will be saving the seeds to plant next year. I also got a wonderful large, warty pumpkin that I will be saving seeds from - can't wait to grow them!!!

The primitive hurricane glass column didn't have a pillar candle yet, so I filled it with more tiny gourds.

While drinking my tea, I am admiring the little prize I won from Faerwillow's giveaway- beautiful, soothing "calming beads"- made of smooth stones in shades of earth tone greens. You must visit her Etsy shop, she has a variety of these calming beads- a modern day version of "worry beads" - and this one works for me!!! Thank you, Faerwillow!!!

Please feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea- drop by Kimmie for a list of other participants, and visit Patty - for some lovely photos of her trip to California!!!

Announcement, Announcement!!!!

I have opened a gallery on Shutterfly.com!!! Woohoo!!!

I have at least 6,000 photos (I kid you not!) stored on the computer. Now I have a place to share and (hopefully) sell some of them!!!

This is a work in progress- there are only 7 photos up there at the present time. But, anyone can order any size print- or a box of 12 note cards, or maybe  a new mouse pad for their  computer!!!

I will get more photos up there as the days go by - today it is overcast, windy and drizzly - which means my computer is not at its most cooperative!!!

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Tea on Tuesday

As I sip my honey lemon ginseng green tea, I am remembering this little "recipe":

A Loving Recipe for a Perfect Cup of Tea

   1- willing friend who loves to sit and share
    1- grateful heart to have a friend that cares
     1- beautiful garden to show us God is near.........

I am thankful for all of those and the friends who drop in for Tea on Tuesdays!

Here are some photos from my garden and thru the woods, as the lush green-ness of summer has left us. There is beauty in nature, warts and all!!

 The root of this flower was used to make coffee and tea during the Civil War- I think it is called blue cornflower.

Faery umbrellas abound- even in a drought! They spring up with the littlest rain shower!

This one reminds me a bit of the old game Pacman!!!

Here are the "warts" :

The different galls are interesting in shapes and colors.

Then, we have winter berries...........................................

The bane of a hay farmer- but pretty!

Before...............                                                                                                          ..and after.

As the greenery is laid to rest in preparation for winter, these are a few hangers on, who will brighten the landscape til the last possible hour.

Please feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea- please visit Kimmie and Patty for links to other participants!

Tea on Tuesday

It's Tuesday, and tea time again - what to talk about, what to talk about...........................hhmmmm.

Guess I'll just show pics.

Here's a new rooisbos tea I'll be trying - smells lovely! African Autumn - a perfect title for the season.

I am sitting at my fall decorated dining room table (new runner and mats courtesy of my daughter), looking out the window at "my" deer. There were 14 of them here the other morning.I was worried, not having seen them around- there was a neighbor and others, illegally killing them for a time. Bow hunting season is now upon us, and fortunately, I think the deer are fully aware of that. They avoid my husband's tree stand, but have started showing up again, out front,  at the crack of early, to graze and play. This photo was taken with the telephoto- they are about 900 feet away, at the beginning of our driveway, behind the church. The first morning of bow season, my brother, who was visiting, took an early morning walk, and ran into several deer. The last one, he came face to face with - they calmly contemplated each other for a while- then he spoke to her - and told her, that he should be the last human that she comes in contact with - because today is the beginning of hunting season. Apparently, she took heed, and spread the word to her friends and family!

I picked what it probably the last harvest from my garden- and turned it into my breakfast today, along with some locally laid eggs, and a hunk of wonderful bread left over from brunch at Panera's yesterday!

And Tea on Tuesday wouldn't be complete, without showing some fab thrift store tea finds (thanks, Linda!)

A violet theme chocolate(?) pot with matching cup, a lovely teapot (who cares if the lid is cracked!) another china cup and matching plate for the collection, and this vintage lily of the valley plate- my favorite flower!

As always, we welcome anyone to join us for Tea on Tuesdays - just read, or comment, or write a post of your own on your blog. Visit Kimmie and see links to other ToT participants on her sidebar.