On Sale Now!!!

I'm so excited!! My teacup bird feeders are in two shops in town, Turner Ham/Fulks Run Grocery and Julieanna's!! Hopefully, they will be in two more shops next week. If I can figure out an inexpensive way to mail the taller ones, they will be in my Etsy shop soon!

I have some "new" vintage finds, ready to be upcycled into bird feeders, pin cushions, and shabby chic cake pedestals! Orphaned teacups and saucers are matched with new mates, slightly chipped or worn china is given new life and new purpose.
No two pieces are the same.

The bird feeders come with a starter packet of bird seed, and the cups are easily removed from the stake for cleaning. This way, you don't have to pull the stake out of the ground each time you need to clean or refill the cup.

They will come in two or 3 sizes- the smaller flower pot size would also fit nicely within a bushy garden plant - with just the teacup peeking out. It could be filled with seed, a small plant, or water for the birds to drink!

Feel free if you want to order one, if you can't make it to either of the local shops, to just contact me directly, and we'll work it out!!! Think spring!!!!!

Back in Time

Following Pat's lead-
I went back to 2005, took the 5th folder of pics and, instead of the 5th pic (I am not sure if that person would like their photo on a blog)- I went to the 5th row of photos.

I used to be "the jewelry lady" for Loudoun Hospital's Ladies Board. They have a huge rummage sale every year.
This magnificent tree was just outside the arena - and the wind took it down that day - right onto someone's car.
I haven't been back in 2 years, I think the stump is still there.

Tea on Tuesday

Late to the party again......
Here are two tea related gifts I got in the mail (just love goodies in the mail!)
A Republic of Tea cd from my brother. Don't have a cd player in the house, so I have to take this with me, next time I am in the car!!!
The other is a calendar,including 12 postcards- one for each month!!! I already sent the first one off - to thank the friend who sent me the calendar!!!!
And, lots of tea today, to ward off the chill, and yet another impending snow storm!! the brew pictured is one of my fav's P&G, in the triangular teabag!
Stop by to visit Patty, Judy, and Kimmie for a list of our other ToT players!!!

Etsy Alert

Put some of my early art dolls on Etsy. Gotta make room for the new ones that are in my head, clamoring to get out!!! Much as I hate to part with these, they are in my Etsy shop, waiting for new homes!
So, if you have a minute, drop on by the shop, and visit Yuli, Ester, Elisabetta, and Flora!!

One World One Heart Begins Again!

I almost missed it again this year!!! Starting tomorrow, and running thru Feb 15, Whimsical Bohemian is organizing the OWOH 2010 event.

I am really excited about participating this year, and very happy that she is willing to organize this again - it is ALOT of work, I am sure!!! Next week, there will be a link on Whimsical Bohemian to all the participating blogs, so you can take a tour in blogland, and meet lots of interesting new folks!

Here is a link to read all about it and find instructions on how to participate, and here is a brief excerpt from her blog:


I created this event in 2007. The original idea behind this giveaway event was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way. 2007 had roughly 85-90 participants and many connections were made because of it......friendships that are still going strong.
We had a strong showing the first year for sure, and then in 2008 we had just about tripled that number. In 2009 there were 911 participants, to say I was amazed is an understatement. 28 countries were represented in the 2009 event as well.
This is more than wanting to win something.......that is only the means.......in the end it's about finding kindred spirits.

There is also a link on my sidebar.

Just leave a comment here, AND on any of the sites you visit, to enter each of the sites' giveaways. A comment here, enters you in my drawing, comments on other OWOH blogs enters you in their individual giveaways.You can visit as many as you like to enter. And, becoming a follower is ALWAYS appreciated, but not required to enter!

Since I participate in Tea on Tuesday, I thought my prize should be tea related. It will be this vintage Bavarian china teacup and saucer, with linen napkin, and bl&w napkin ring.There is a cute little Celestial Seasonings magnet too. Included will be some teas, maybe a tea wallet,or a pincushion-whatever else strikes my fancy to add to the pile!!!

Dolls Unearthed!!!

I have been searching thru the towers of unopened bins in my garage (from our move 3(!) years ago).
Yesterday, I managed to empty 15 bins- and my back is killing me today!!!

But, I did find some of what I was looking for - some of my art dolls.

About 16 years ago, when I was starting to quilt, I frequented the Quilt Patch, in Fairfax, Va, and was a member of Quilters Unlimited. There, I ran into a woman named Andrea Perkins. She was a quilter and doll maker, and really got me interested.She started a doll club, and I joined. I made a few challenge dolls that traveled with the Hoffman Fabric Challenge. A few of my early dolls were just pitiful, in comparison to the talent I saw in the doll club.
But, I got better at it as time went on, then other interests in new pursuits came along,and dollmaking went by the wayside.

I am becoming interested again,altho I have a long way to go. There are a few more dolls inside my brain, clamoring to get out!! I don't think I will ever, in my lifetime, attain the title "doll artist", but it is certainly fun trying!!
I am rediscovering doll makers I had admired in the past, Bill Nelson of NC for one, and finding new ones, Anna Zueva of St. Petersburg, Russia, for another. They can both be found on FB.

Here are two of the original art dolls that came to life circa 1994. As hard as it is to part with them, I think they will be on Etsy, with a couple of their "friends" in the next couple of days.

YULI is my absolute favorite! He is totally original, a woodland resident, who is reclining/chillaxin' on a tree stump in the forest. He is leaning back in mid conversation with someone we cannot see!Or, maybe he is singing, while passing the time.... His attire is all vintage- dark mink hat with curly wool hair peeking out, blonde mink with leather strap wrapped around his vintage cotton/linen peasant blouse. He wears a tiny key on a leather cord around his neck- the key to a secret known only to him!He has a hoop earring on one ear, vintage velvet pants, feathers he picked up while walking thru the forest. There is coiled braided leather on the ground, beginnings of a whip he was working on.

The other is a cloth doll, titled Appalachian Dreamin'. Esther's wavy grey/brown wool hair is tied back with twine, she seems lost in thought, leaning on her broom. She is set on a base of old barn wood (still has an old nail in it!)The tiny egg basket has actual finch eggs in it(homegrown!) - the basket was made in Africa. Esther must have been in a quilt show- the name tag is still on the base- I'll be taking that off. I also have a tiny moonshine jug, that I might include with the piece, haven't decided yet!!!

I am still searching for Luigi- he was my first attempt at a from scratch polymer doll. I was inspired by the doll in the movie "On Golden Pond", which I believe was created by Bill Nelson. Now, Luigi can't hold a candle, to that doll, but I love him anyway, with all his faults, 'cause he was my first!!! Another day, some more bins, and Luigi will turn up!!!

He Has a Name.....

If you read my previous post ,I had dug out the polymer and was getting my hands back into making a doll, after about 10 years. This was a warmup to another challenge doll, who is yet to be started!
Some folks asked if this little guy had a name, and he didn't- until now!

It may be putting the proverbial cart before the horse- he still is only a head and a pair of hands- but his story came to me the other morning, and now he has a book AND a story. Now, he just needs a torso, some legs, hair, and clothing...........!

He has all that, in my mind's eye- let's hope that will translate well into actuality!!!

Here are 2 photos - one of the book cover, and a page inside - a "teaser" of his life. One of my friends thought it would make a cute children's story - that's a thought, might have to think on that!!LOL

When he is a whole "person" I will post more pics of him and his story, in its entirety. Stay tuned...............

Recycle, Upcycle, Make-do's!

Just a few other things I am working on - some will be in Etsy, some will be available locally.

I love vintage teacups, and sometimes they just aren't suited for tea anymore. I turn them into pin cushions, soap dishes, and now bird feeders.

Think spring!!! Aren't we all ready???The cups and saucers are on garden stakes- and can be put in the garden or in a flower pot. The stakes range from 3' down to flower pot size. They are easily removable from the stake for cleaning.As I was posting this, I realized I forgot to take a picture of the completed teacups on the stakes!! LOL I'll edit that in later!!!

I am also recycling vintage items and turning them into shabby chic pedestals - for cupcakes, candy, or jewelry. Here I combined an orphaned rose chintz saucer with a candlestick and found bobeche with prisms.

Lawendula's Paper Swap

Not too long ago, while blog cruising, I stumbled on Lawendula's paper swap. It sounded interesting, and I certainly have enough paper lying around, so I signed up!!
My swap partner was Caroline
Both of these gals have wonderful blogs and an abundance of talent - you must visit their blogs!! Caroline is a very talented illustrator- with a line of cards and a great sense of humor!!! Lawendula has monthly swaps, if ya' want to join!!!

I have to admit, I got a little nervous when it was time to swap- will she like what I am sending - am I sending enough, or too much? If I like it, will she like it or be able to use it, etc, etc, etc......it should be arriving soon - hope she likes it!!!

Anyway, Caroline's package for me arrived the other day, with some lovely stuff!!I am not the best at altered art - but I do LOVE paper!!! LOL

There was some vellum, some pictures, some scraps that you just want to look at over and over! My favorite, and I can't believe she sent it - is a vintage postcard, sent to her grandmother from a relative in Turkey circa 1911!! Wow!!! I asked if she was sure she wanted to part with this little treasure - and she did. Caroline said, as she has enjoyed the postcard over the years, if she now sent it out into the world, her ancestors would be better remembered, and become known to others!!!

That being said, I encourage any of you talented folks out there, to take this image of the lovely lady and give it new life- and honor those ancestors of Caroline's!!I would love to see your creations (this means you too , Patty:>) ) I will write a post with links to everyone's art.

My other favorite is the head of the little boy - I just want to sculpt him- but I don't think my efforts would be as cute as he already is!!!

So, thanks Lawendula, for arranging the swap and letting me participate!!

Polymer Play

I woke up the other morning, with idea of a tiny cork bodied marionette rattling around in my brain. One never knows what thoughts will be tumbling out of my head, willy nilly, each morning! So, I sketched it out, before I could forget, and pulled out the clay to see if my fingers remembered how to sculpt.

It's been about 10 or so years, and I am VERY rusty!! I was in a hurry, so just played around with it for a half hour, to see what would evolve. The resulting head is too big to go on a cork body, but he will have a personality, hair, and a body, soon enough!!
This was just a warm up to the Dog in the Hole challenge, that I have yet to begin. I have pieces on my desk, and scribbles and sketches of ideas on paper and in my head.
Getting the sculpy out of the box, was a step in the right direction. Maybe before the month ends, I will have the Full Moon Art Doll project for Dog in the Hole near completion.

This little guy was just a warm up, now if I can find the box that my tools are packed in, maybe I'll get started!!!!

Another Blog Post

My MUCH neglected other blog has a new post!!! YAY!!
Please drop by and visit my world....................

Over a Teacup - Tea on Tuesday

Last week I went with a friend and took a tea class. It was in a wonderful new little gift shop in Broadway, Va called Julieanna's.

Susan Teter, who is the tea mistress of Over a Teacup, held an evening class complete with tea tasting. It was about the origin of tea, the different types of tea and their brewing guidelines. The tea of the discussion was from the Camellia Sinensis plant, which is naturally caffeinated.

Among the subjects covered were: how long will tea last, tea and caffeine, how is tea flavored, the history of tea, and the difference between loose leaf tea (the preferred) and commercial teabag tea.
Did you know that tea is made up of the the top plucked leaves?- the bud and two top leaves of a branch.
Each of the different types of tea are the way they are due to their method of processing after being picked.
There is black tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, white tea, and flavored tea.

Too much to go over in one post - but I will tell you today what I learned about black tea- and more on the others in future Tuesday posts!!

Processing of black tea involves 4 steps: withering, rolling, fermenting and drying.
The plucked leaves (the bud and two top leaves, remember?) are spread out to wither, then they are rolled. This rolling releases the chemicals in the leaf that give it its color and taste. After this step, the rolled leaves are re spread to absorb oxygen (this is called oxidizing). This turns the leaves from green to reddish. Now the leaves can be fired to stop the fermentation - which turns the leaf black. It now has its familiar tea scent.

The next class Susan will hold is on the teas of India, and after that, there may even be a "proper" tea party!!! We learned the difference (and the origin of) between high tea and low tea- but I will save that for next week!!!

Here are some pix of the evening- including one showing the tea leaves' dance of agony(shown here in a clear glass coffee press)- that is when the leaves twirl and float in the hot water while steeping.When described that way, it almost makes me feel guilty drinking the tea!!!!

Julieanna's has monthly tea tastings, and sells all manner of teas and tea related goodies, along with beautifully crafted jewelry, purses and antiques!!I just love their window treatments too!!!:>)

Thanks for dropping in for tea, and please stop by Kimmie for a link to other Tea on Tuesdays!! Feel free to join us anytime!!!

Go Green - Go Furoshiki!!!!

Since I was a child, I have always been a fan of all things Japanese. From my childhood collection of Japanese dolls, to fascination and not so successful attempts at origami. As an adult, I discovered kimonos and the textiles used to create them. Then, there is Japanese pottery, and of course, tea!!!

Thanks to a gift from a well traveled friend, I am now enamored of yet another Japanese custom - wrapping cloth!

Furoshiki is a Japanese style of gift wrapping . In keeping with the belief of not being wasteful-beautiful fabric is used to wrap packages. This method can be used to wrap gifts, carry groceries, or, as my friend does, carry your lunch.
This fits perfectly in today's green movement, and is much prettier than the traditional recyclable/re-usable tote bag!

I watched the video link of Kakefuda Kyoto- I am drooling over the fabrics!!!

I practiced the technique on my 20" square furoshiki. It is amazingly simple. A larger fabric, as seen on the video, makes a more versatile tote.
Here is a brief tutorial of my attempt- I have a little problem with blogger, getting the photos and words to coincide! - but it will probably be much clearer to watch the video!!

**First, fold your fabric square in half- like a triangle.

**Then, tie knots in the opposite corners along the fold- about 1/3 of the way in from the point.

**Now, open the triangle and spread it out.

**Reverse the fold of the fabric (turn it inside out) and tuck the knots inside. Shake and fluff til you have a pouch.

**The two remaining points are now tied in a knot- and there you have it- a very "green" and stylish tote!

The video shows how to create different style "handles" for the totes. It is VERY cool! My next attempt will be with a much larger square of fabric from my stash!

Just "google" FUROSHKI to see other designs and sources for kits and fabrics.

Go green - GO FUROSHIKI!!!!!

I am hooked!! Thank you Teresa, for my furoshiki cloths - I love them!!!

See this video for how-to's

Happy folding!!!!!