Tea on Tuesday- Constance Has Arrived.....

Wouldn't it be lovely, if we could all start our days with a cup of butterflies? 

To flit thru' our day with nary a care or worry, going from flower to flower, and floating below the clouds..........


I thought I would share with you a bonus box I received in the mail the other day, from my dear friend Teresa, who travels constantly, and collects teas for me from each of her stops! Baggies filled with teas and jams from Japan, France, England and Spain this time!

And, spices from Istanbul and other exotic realms - with a lovely little blue, hand made Turkish spice bowl!

                     My choice of tea this morning is a toss up- both from France.

                                                  And, may I introduce........................  


....who joins us for tea this morning! Constance was spotted in a charity shop in England, trying so desperately to get Teresa's attention. Her sharp chiseled features and old English or Marie Antoinette style attire was eye catching, to say the least.  Altho' she is not as old as that (ssshhh!)- Constance appears to have been born circa 1950's- dressed for a costume ball.

Obviously, she got her message thru' to Teresa- that she soooo wanted to leave England, and travel across the pond, to the colonies! Her first stop was Georgia, and she has arrived at her final destination - in Virginia, one of the first original colonies.

She joins me for tea this morning- (guess I should have served something very English!- instead of French, oh, dear!!!)

As we leave you this morning, Constance is surveying her new domain, from her aerie perch. I hope she likes it here........

Please leave a comment- it would please Constance so (and her new "landlady" would be happy too! LOL)

Please feel free to join us ever Tuesday for tea - drop by Patty and Kim, for a list of other tea fanciers!


  1. Constance is lovely... Very nice collection of teas and spices too!

  2. Her hair looks great down. I didn't senD her that way, did I (???).

  3. Teresa, you did a fine job of gifting Pat. And to you Pat, how very nice to have tangible evidence that a good friend has you in her thoughts as she travels about the world. What a lovely package to enjoy over and over. Lennie

  4. How fun! Constance is lovely and what a great friend to send her to you plus all the other goodies! You need to drink some Earl Grey or Buckingham Palace with Miss Constance so she won't get too homesick :)Susan T

  5. Did you drink the Lapsang yet? I'd like to know what you think of the smoky taste. Susan T

  6. You have one super friend to give you all these teas and gifts. How awesome. I especially was drawn to the butterfly in the tea cup. Have a great Tea Tuesday.

  7. cute post! I'm sure Constance has a generous heart and will embrace the french teas as well as the english ones :)

  8. fun post and the butterflies in the tea cup are simply lovely... and so many gifts and Constance of course... mustn't forget her... have a wonderful tea day... xx

  9. Great post Pat!!!! Didn't realize that you collected dolls. Constance is a lucky lady to have such a great place to oversee. Have that English tea tomorrow. JUDY