Tea Cup Exchange

Just a quick pic of the tea cup I sent off. It was part of an exchange arranged by Judy.

My swap partner received it, so I am safe to post the photo!!

I love this little vintage tea cup - Royal Albert Crown China - hand painted. I included a linen napkin, with a ceramic rosebud napkin ring, a hand crocheted doily, and two packages of my teas. Everything one needs for a tea party for one!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Wish this was my display, but it's not!! It is beautiful tho!!!!!

Pretty Much a Wasted Day......

After doing basically nothing yesterday - a day full of "should do's, wanna do's, and must do's", I did NOTHING!!!

Was kind of nice, actually!!!

Toward the end of the day, I was blog surfing and read Kimmie's post about matchbox stuffing!!! Can you imagine - she actually stumbled on a club for this?!?! It is called The International League of Championship Matchbox Stuffers!!!
Kimmie artfully stuffed a matchbox, and since I had nothing else to do, I thought I would give it a try. It was fun - and now I have a decorated matchbox stuffed with 33 teeny items!The top stuffer got 104 very teeny items in their matchbox! I'm quite happy with 33!!! These assorted little treasures would be perfect for using in ATC's.

I can now say I did accomplish something creative today!!!

So, visit Kimmie - see what she has created, and follow her link to see what champion matchbox stuffers have done with theirs!

Oh, and the LAST person to comment here before midnight on Halloween- wins my matchbox!!!!!Just think what you can do with all those little treasures!!!! You know you want it - LOL

More Dance Bags

The last couple were completed and delivered. Woohoo!!

The green one is one of my cotton knit turtlenecks. It is lined in green sandcastle fabric- two pockets (for shoes) and 2 small floral lined pockets for cell phone or whatever. This would be a great purse for everyday use too. Actually, I think all of them would be!

The other one, is a Woolrich hunt theme sweater. A thrift store find, 100% wool, shrunk and redone as a tote. Lined in off white sandcastle fabric, with a ball "button" made out of a scrap of the sweater.

I have some delicious thrift shop boiled wool jackets that are waiting to be recycled into bags. Can't wait to get at 'em!!!I may even put them on Etsy as everyday satchels and totes.

Belated Thank You!!

A while back, I was the lucky winner of a giveaway on Gene's blog!!! I received 2 fat quarters and two of Gene's original works in greeting card form!!! I LOVE them!!!

After much debate, I used one of the cards - mailed to someone I know will also appreciate it (not gonna mention names til she receives it!)

I am thinking of framing the other one - it's a flower-one of my favorite things, it's in my favorite color, and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Thanks, Gene!!!!!

Just For Fun


How many words can you make out of it?? I have 19, so far..............

Mission Accomplished

I locked myself down in the studio yesterday to finish up some of the dance bags that were on order. I still have a few more to finish and drop off tomorrow.

One of these is my favorite - can you guess which one? They are all made from 'other things'. My favorite, was made from a jacket-it was plush, with 2 pockets- I ripped it apart, and it turned itself into this roomy carpet style bag.

The pink one was a table runner, scarf, and fancy yarn.

The green one was some vintage patchwork and placemats, with some vintage thrift shop bamboo(?) handles.

Back to the drawing board....................

May I Direct You to....................

...............my other blog!!!!!!

When I Should Be Working..........................

Why haven't I been doing anything creative lately?? Procrastination, mostly. I have great ideas, but need someone else to do the actual work!! LOL

I did get to proof read a children's book for a local author today, and he even used some of my suggestions in his rewrite - woohoo!!! Very exciting for me!!!

Here are some pix of what I do in my spare time - hug horses!! These should really be on my other blog - but I figured I would just throw something other than tea into the stagnation that has become this blog!!!
The blonde is my daughter with the love of her life - her "old man", semi retired at 28 years old. Miss Lilly is my precious mini horse - she IS a horse, NOT a pony, thank you very much!!!! The "big guy" is my Prince John, and the paint is our new, and hopefully permanent member of the family, Breeze.

Tea on Tuesday

Here is a peek inside the British Anthropologie- check out the TEA BAG CURTAIN!!!!! It looks like used tea bags to me!!!!

Today's tea is a repeat- PG Tips, in the triangle bag- love it!!!
Along with that tea, are the lemon cookies and brownies that my daughter made. The brownies were from a Paula Deen recipe - yummy with a middle layer of 2 large Hershey bars!!!
The lemon cookies were from a Giada DeLaurentis recipe- we have been eating them for days!!! The lemon cookie recipe makes quite a few- I'm gonna share!!!

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
1 small container ricotta
1 lemon's zest
1 stick butter
2 C sugar
2 eggs
3 C flour
1 tspn salt
1 tspn baking powder

Mix all ingredients, then add the flour.
Use melon baller or ice cream scoop, scoop out balls of dough and place on cookie sheet.Bake for 10-15 min- edges should be slightly brown.

3 Tbspns lemon juice (or juice of 1 whole lemon)
1 1/2-2 C powdered sugar
lemon zest from 1 lemon

Mix together, let thicken.
When cookies have cooled some, spread on the glaze. Let sit for an hour or so -( if you can stand to wait that long!!!) for the glaze to set.


The brownie recipe is easy- just make up a box mix according to the directions on the box. Spread half the brownies in the pan. Take two large Hershey bars, put them on top of the mix. Spread the remaining brownie mix over the top, and bake according to box directions!!!

Be sure to visit our other Tea on Tuesdays - see Kimmie for links

Also visit Jason and read about tea for a less stressful life!!!

Help for Samoa

Barb, over at Bejeweled Quilts
lives in American Samoa. If you recall, in recent news, they suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami, that affected alot of the local residents. Barb and her family did not suffer any damage, but many of her friends and people in her area did. Some are homeless, some lost belongings, clothing, and some cases, lives.

Please visit her blog to see what you can do to help. Many bloggers, myself included, have already sent out care packages to Samoa for her to distribute. I am getting ready to pack another box for the 2nd round. Flat rate is the least expensive way to ship there - and you can get an amazing amount of stuff into a box!! Kind of like packing a suitcase, and sitting on it to make sure everything fits, then tape, tape, tape!!!!!!

Barb has a list of needed items, among them, pillowcases, hygiene items, children's clothing and shoes (flip flops are popular). I'm sure most of us could go thru our closets and find nice, usable stuff, that we aren't using that would be most appreciated by those in need!!

So, drop Barb a comment, she'll email you her address, and you can get your goodies in the mail to Samoa!!!

Losing Followers..................

.............Uh,oh- awoke this morning to find that I have lost another follower!!! I managed to get to a grand total of 79 wonderful followers, thru bribery, giveaways, and referrals!!! :>)
2 weeks ago - I noticed I lost one, and this morning I lost another!! Oh, no!!! And the horrible thing is, I don't know WHO I lost!!! I just know "they" are gone........

Obviously, I have been slacking, and am not keeping up with interesting enough posts.

I must be spreading myself too thin, with eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Myspace, Wordpress, emails, Blogger,life in general......................ya' think??

I promise to do better, if you promise not to leave me??????

Tea on Tuesday

I must confess, I haven't had any tea today!!! In a rush to get out the door this morning, I missed my morning cup. After my Tuesday morning volunteer at the thrift store, I went next door and ordered a mango smoothie with whipped cream on top!!!!
Then, went home, and rushed back out to the supermarket, got fixings for dinner, came home, threw the groceries in the fridge, and ran out to the barn!

My daughter and I took a nice ride along the creek, then came back inside to prepare dinner.
Now, we have to go back outside to feed the horses, and help my husband move the tree stand.

Sooo, tea never happened for me today!!!

But, I did get an email from a blog I recently started to follow,called Teaternity, about the healthy aspects of tea. I decided to copy an excerpt from that below for you all. I may have to go out and buy myself some of this!!!

"Probiotics are often associated with expensive food that's high in calories and difficult to make at home. The secret is that you can get your probiotics from tea with no extra cost or effort. All you need to do is start drinking Puerh tea.

Puerh is probiotic because it's fermented by microbes that are good for you, aiding digestion and strengthening the immune system as well as killing off competing harmful bacteria.

The good news is Puerh tea is no more expensive than other kinds of tea, as long as you don't go for the fancy aged varieties. And there are no unwanted calories or fat in it, just plenty of antioxidants to heal you further."

The back issues are at the following URL...

Please see Kimmie for more members of Tea on Tuesday - join us!!!!

Simple Woman's Journal

I haven't done this for a while, so here goes.......

FOR TODAY...October 19th

Outside my window... 25 degrees on the thermometer and a heavy coat of frost on all the greenery.....................

I am thinking... gotta dig out those horse blankets, and I should have picked more of the herbs to dry before today

I am thankful for... my family

I am wearing... jammies and my Farm Chicks hoodie

I am remembering... what's on my to do list today that will probably not get done!

I am going... hopefully do something creative today and finish it!!

I am reading...blogs and emails

I am hoping... to ride today

On my mind... the husband's job interview tomorrow- fingers crossed

From the learning rooms... every day is a "learning room", no matter where I am

Pondering these words... No time like the present..............

From the kitchen...dirty dishes from last night's repast await

Around the house... so much to be done, so much time, so little money!!! LOL

One of my favorite things~ a sunny fall day, a cup of hot tea, nothing pressing on the day's schedule

I'm Excited...........

.........I was in the local pet store yesterday, picking up some bird feed, and hugging the owner's 9 week old Yorkies!!! I happened to mention I was making up some dog beds and coats and accessories, and would she be interested in carrying some of them. She WOULD!!! Woohoo!!!

I was supposed to be at an outdoor Broadway craft show/autumn festival today, but I wimped out, due to the weather. Soooo, I am going to stay home and design and sew!!! I've already designed the patterns for the dog coats, and have to pick up the filler for the beds.

Now, I have to see if I can light the woodstove in the studio, without the fire department showing up!!! DH is not home to do it, and it is a tad bit chilly down there.

I've just put a new item in my eBay store ,and am getting ready to list a couple of Halloween themed items in Etsy.

So far, a productive Saturday, and it's only 6:30am!!!!

Tea on Tuesday...........

......even tho today feels like the PERFECT day for a pumpkin latte!!!!! More about those next week!!!!

Today I am just starting the day with a traditional Earl Grey English Breakfast, nothing new or exciting here on this dreary, foggy, chilly morn!!!

But, I did find some great tea related blogs for you to visit: Today's post in this first one has a picture of a "must have" a little teapot clock by Brighton - soooo cute!!!

The other blog is ALL about teapots- called (what else?) teapotsteapotsteapots

Waaaay down at the bottom, there was a post about "Living Life One Cup at a Time":

1-Have you had tea in an unusual place?
2-Have you had tea in unusual circumstances?
3-Was one of life's important decisions made over a cup of tea?
4-Do you have a memory of sharing a cup of tea with someone special?

Feel free to comment here and answer one of these questions!!!

I'll answer #4- my memories of tea w/someone(s) special are when my friends and I used to meet for tea, before I moved out here to the boonies. Montte, Evan and I, and for a while, Carol, til she moved to Pa, would meet on a weekday morning to have tea. Sometimes it was Starbucks, sometimes The Wired Monkey, for some really fancy loose leaf teas suspended over the cup by a bamboo skewer. There weren't alot of tea places where we lived, but Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, Panera's, and a place with "moose" in the name come to mind!!

It was always a nice relaxing time to catch up, commiserate, brag about our kids' latest accomplishment, or cry about their latest downfall. It was girls' time out, to discuss whatever was on our minds. Sometimes we'd bring a "guest", but it always boiled down to me, Montte, and Evan.
I miss those times. I know Montte and Evan still continue the tradition in the old neighborhood, and when they come down my way, we find a way to make tea part of the visit........................
Now, my tea "partner" is my daughter- usually plopped in front of the tv,commiserating, bragging, crying, sharing a hot cup of whatever is in the pantry!!!

Be sure to visit my previous post, to read about a wonderful upcoming show in Maryland- artisan teapots - UNbelievable!!!!!

Please join us, for Tea on Tuesdays - Kimmie, Patty, Judy, and more. Link up, and tell us what's in YOUR cup this morning!!!

Tea on Tuesday, Yup, I Know- It's Sunday.....!!!

One of my FB "friends" posted a pic of a gorgeous teapot she created for a show in Rockville, Md. Kathryn Jo Ottman has a beautiful teapot in shades of peach!!! Another fav is by artist Joan Rasmussen-but, really- I LOVE them all!!!
If you are in the area (Patty and Lennie!!), you need to go to see these teapots!!!

A High Tea Party and Sale of Artful Teapots will be on Sunday, October 25, from 1-4

Go to this blog to find out more about it and see some fabulous, fanciful teapots that would fit in perfectly at Alice's tea party with the Mad hatter!!!!

Tea on Tuesday

I thought I might stick with the iced tea theme of last week and show off part of my collection of vintage iced tea spoons. Most are silver or silverplate, with a couple of stainless steel thrown in. One of the stainless ones is the one my dad used to use to stir his Ovaltine. I don't drink Ovaltine too much (not such a big milk drinker any more) but I do toss some Ovaltine into my decaf coffee, and use Dad's spoon.
They are multipurpose - great to use in a really thick smoothie, or ice cream float, or even just eating ice cream out of the container!!!!

At last count, I had about 18 iced tea spoons, and am always on the lookout for more - one can NEVER have too many!! LOL As you can tell, some are missing from this photo - must check the daughter's room for some stray dirty glasses, hmmm............

I never put the silverplate in the dish washer, always wash them by hand. I can see those that don't get used too often are in need of some polishing!!!
I just love the different patterns on the handles - the more vintage, the better! If the spoons are too tarnished or worn for use - they are really nice repurposed as wind chimes or jewelry!!!

Today, a friend gave me some samples from her Celestial Seasonings stash, just in time for my Tea on Tuesday post! She had gone on a tour of the plant in Boulder, Colorado,(which just celebrated its 40th year in business in Sept) and had some teas that I have not seen in local stores. Altho right now I am sipping on a homegrown peppermint tea, over the next few days, I will be sampling these: English Toffee, Peach Apricot,Madagascar Vanilla Red, and Vanilla Hazelnut!!Thanks, Linda!!!

Linda also gave me the inside scoop - do you know why Celestial Seasonings are at eye level in most supermarkets? They pay for that privilege! Smart marketing!!

For more Tea on Tuesdays,also visit:
and Judy

A Great Workshop Coming Up

This sounds like a fantastic workshop- wish I could take it - but I can only spread the word:
"Please tell everyone about the workshop: Ragtags Studio Central: Artist Books and the Elements of Design. It will be held in KC'S studio December 5th and 6th, 2009. Tweet it, too. http://studioretreats.ning.com/page/visiting-artists-classes

Sarah Fishburn has worked on wonderful books ( I have one!!) with Angela Cartwright.
So, I can only imagine how great her workshop will be!!!
Check out her blog to find out all the details!!!

Another October Giveaway!!!

Go visit this wonderful photographer's blog -he's having another giveaway this month. I shouldn't tell you - because that will cut into my chance to win "my" horse photo - LOL But, part of the rules is to spread the word!!!

Here is his link

The blog post will show his art and his main website - it-'s worth a look!!!

Teacup Exchange!!

Doesn't that sound like fun???

When I read on Judy's blog about a teacup exchange she had participated in, I thought it might be fun to do online.

So, run on over to "see" Judy, read all about it and join in on the fun!!! The more, the merrier!!!!