Tea on Tuesday...........

......even tho today feels like the PERFECT day for a pumpkin latte!!!!! More about those next week!!!!

Today I am just starting the day with a traditional Earl Grey English Breakfast, nothing new or exciting here on this dreary, foggy, chilly morn!!!

But, I did find some great tea related blogs for you to visit: Today's post in this first one has a picture of a "must have" a little teapot clock by Brighton - soooo cute!!!

The other blog is ALL about teapots- called (what else?) teapotsteapotsteapots

Waaaay down at the bottom, there was a post about "Living Life One Cup at a Time":

1-Have you had tea in an unusual place?
2-Have you had tea in unusual circumstances?
3-Was one of life's important decisions made over a cup of tea?
4-Do you have a memory of sharing a cup of tea with someone special?

Feel free to comment here and answer one of these questions!!!

I'll answer #4- my memories of tea w/someone(s) special are when my friends and I used to meet for tea, before I moved out here to the boonies. Montte, Evan and I, and for a while, Carol, til she moved to Pa, would meet on a weekday morning to have tea. Sometimes it was Starbucks, sometimes The Wired Monkey, for some really fancy loose leaf teas suspended over the cup by a bamboo skewer. There weren't alot of tea places where we lived, but Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, Panera's, and a place with "moose" in the name come to mind!!

It was always a nice relaxing time to catch up, commiserate, brag about our kids' latest accomplishment, or cry about their latest downfall. It was girls' time out, to discuss whatever was on our minds. Sometimes we'd bring a "guest", but it always boiled down to me, Montte, and Evan.
I miss those times. I know Montte and Evan still continue the tradition in the old neighborhood, and when they come down my way, we find a way to make tea part of the visit........................
Now, my tea "partner" is my daughter- usually plopped in front of the tv,commiserating, bragging, crying, sharing a hot cup of whatever is in the pantry!!!

Be sure to visit my previous post, to read about a wonderful upcoming show in Maryland- artisan teapots - UNbelievable!!!!!

Please join us, for Tea on Tuesdays - Kimmie, Patty, Judy, and more. Link up, and tell us what's in YOUR cup this morning!!!


  1. I'm having tea today at a lovely little place in town, called Serenitea. I'm meeting my lovely Book Club friends. Can't wait!

  2. I probably remember most having tea with my grandmother. To this day my favorite teas are the ones she introduced me to. Red Zinger and Constant Comment (which I'm having today as a matter of fact!)
    Have a beautiful (although cold) Tuesday! Stay warm!
    Cheers! Kimmie

  3. I remember many tea jaunts with friends, tea and scones and good company! Having tea at your house will always be a sweet memory too! I have my heart rock with Mtn Meadows and the date written on the back :) not to mention all of the treasures you sent home with us
    I used the quilted wool cozy you made just the other day at Starbucks. I wear it in like a bracelet ... to remember to use it ;)
    Really fun T on Tuesday post Pat!

  4. Got your package today, just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you....you are awesome!!

  5. I think this is my first visit here, but must come back and read more! I would love to join in on Tea on Tuesday. I'm already joining on one, but am discovering so many more, and they're all on Tuesday! Anyway, how do I "link up"? I will answer #4. I had tea with an girl that came to my 6th grade class...she was from England. She invited me to her home for tea one afternoon...her mother served us tea and small tea biscuits. It was a wonderful and serene moment, as if the world had stood still, and everything in life was perfect. I'll never forget that day, or the girl. Her name was Diane...she had dark hair, blue eyes, and rosie cheeks...very English looking...and had the sweetest accent. My favorite morning tea is Lemon Lift by Bigelow.

    God bless!