More Dance Bags

The last couple were completed and delivered. Woohoo!!

The green one is one of my cotton knit turtlenecks. It is lined in green sandcastle fabric- two pockets (for shoes) and 2 small floral lined pockets for cell phone or whatever. This would be a great purse for everyday use too. Actually, I think all of them would be!

The other one, is a Woolrich hunt theme sweater. A thrift store find, 100% wool, shrunk and redone as a tote. Lined in off white sandcastle fabric, with a ball "button" made out of a scrap of the sweater.

I have some delicious thrift shop boiled wool jackets that are waiting to be recycled into bags. Can't wait to get at 'em!!!I may even put them on Etsy as everyday satchels and totes.


  1. Very nice, Pat. I have been thinking about making a bag for Rachel our 4yr old granddaughter. She's in ballet now and would love a prissy bag to carry her things in. You are inspiring.

  2. Love that you repurpose, and so creatively. The turtleneck is a great idea, great texture.

  3. These are so pretty! what a great use for old sweaters and jackets!

  4. These are wonderful. I have a weakness for bags and purses!