Tea on Tuesday, Yup, I Know- It's Sunday.....!!!

One of my FB "friends" posted a pic of a gorgeous teapot she created for a show in Rockville, Md. Kathryn Jo Ottman has a beautiful teapot in shades of peach!!! Another fav is by artist Joan Rasmussen-but, really- I LOVE them all!!!
If you are in the area (Patty and Lennie!!), you need to go to see these teapots!!!

A High Tea Party and Sale of Artful Teapots will be on Sunday, October 25, from 1-4

Go to this blog to find out more about it and see some fabulous, fanciful teapots that would fit in perfectly at Alice's tea party with the Mad hatter!!!!


  1. What an amazing array of teapots THAT is!!! WOW!

  2. I have never seen so many unusual teapots! Lennie

  3. Okay, I'm going to be honest. Some of those pots were the dumbest things I've seen. As I looked at them I kept asking-Why?! Why would someone make them. Some looked like parts of one's anatomy, some looked like our guts, one looked like it ran away from Dr. Seuss, (I missed the previous blog so had clicked on some of those) one was made on stage and should have been left there and stomped to the music. Do you think perhaps I need an art appreciation class?! Of course, if I were blogging about my times with tea, microwaving a corelle cup and then dunking a tea bag in it probably wouldn't keep readers coming back. If my picture wearing the Flamingo-Candidate-for-Viagra-Hat, was posted beside this comment those reading it would go, "OHHHHHHHHHH."