I'm Excited...........

.........I was in the local pet store yesterday, picking up some bird feed, and hugging the owner's 9 week old Yorkies!!! I happened to mention I was making up some dog beds and coats and accessories, and would she be interested in carrying some of them. She WOULD!!! Woohoo!!!

I was supposed to be at an outdoor Broadway craft show/autumn festival today, but I wimped out, due to the weather. Soooo, I am going to stay home and design and sew!!! I've already designed the patterns for the dog coats, and have to pick up the filler for the beds.

Now, I have to see if I can light the woodstove in the studio, without the fire department showing up!!! DH is not home to do it, and it is a tad bit chilly down there.

I've just put a new item in my eBay store ,and am getting ready to list a couple of Halloween themed items in Etsy.

So far, a productive Saturday, and it's only 6:30am!!!!


  1. That is sooooo awesome for you!!!

  2. Wahooo for you! I bet they will be very popular! Did you get your fire going?? Our woodstove (which we use to heat the main part of the house!) has been sitting on the front porch for weeks. Hubby repainted it and we decided to reface the surround in the living room with real river rock instead of the dark ugly lava rock that was there. It has taken FOREVER!! We got the grout all in yesterday and after I bake some biscuits this morning, I get to scrub all those rocks with a brush and pail of water. Hubby is supposed to get it all back in and toasty by tonight or tomorrow, YeHaw!!

  3. How fun for you!! Those puppies will love you for a nice soft warm bed!

  4. that sounds great Pat, you are into more things!!! you go country girl!!!!