Tumblr Tea on Tuesday

Having recently discovered the wonders of Tumblr , a website full of shared art and photos, I thought I might just share a few tea related ones I found there!

I am sipping a tall glass of ice cold, southern sweet tea, made with Red Rose teabags, lots of sugar, flavored with fresh mint and stevia from my garden.

                                         What does the well dressed press wear to Tea on Tuesday? A lovely knit    sweater, of course!!

                              If we stitch, while we sip, we must have a pin cushion like this, if it is Tuesday!!


                        What to wear, what to wear, for Tea on Tuesday????????

Everyone should have a blue willow pottery shard dress like the one above and a teacup made of hide!!!!
The perfect ring for Tea on Tuesday member!

                            And we can all sip our tea, by the light of a Tiffany style teapot lamp............
Click on my Tumblr , for the credits, websites, and artists for all these photos.

Please feel free to join us, every Tuesday for tea. Visit Patty and Kimmie for list of other tea fanciers!


  1. ooh ooh I love this!! thanks for sharing an dhappy Tuesday to you!!! I'll go enjoy mine with this new found sites...cheers!!

  2. wonderful pics, and such creativity on t 4 tues!! loved it... thanks!

  3. The pottery shard dress is fabulous. I love blue willow pottery. And the Tiffany lamp is divine. Happy day to you. Tammy

  4. wonderful pics Pat... each and every one!
    Happy T to ya

  5. I giggled all my way through your tea post. Too much fun!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  6. What cool photos!! Love the tea sweater and the pincushion.

  7. Pat, is that one of Mimi Kirchner's "Tiny World" pincushions? I it looks a lot like it. She also sells the pattern, so did did you make it yourself?

  8. Well, what a shocker. I love the dress and ring I even like the light (very posh) but the tea cup & Saucer out of some animal I am not too sure ;0) Thank you for the interesting post ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  9. What a fun post! When I saw the dress I thought, "NO WAY!" Awesome photo selections. :)

  10. Delightfully fun visit! oxo

  11. You are so well connected! I don't dare venture into the tumblr world .... I may never come back (lol) .... I can imagine Johnny Depp wearing the pouring teapot ring .... He was the best as the mad hatter :)

    Great pictures and what a fun post!!! Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  12. Hello Pat,
    what a whimsical post. I am really off with that china dress. This is real art! I like some of the other things, too, of course! But the dress is stunning, isn't it?
    Best greetings, Johanna

  13. Thank you so much for the fun and fab tea post! I love it all, especially the dress! But I do not think I could drink from that tea cup : )

  14. verrrrrrrrry clever, finding all of these ... enjoying all while i sip my java!