Tea on Tuesday

This Tuesday finds me using a gift- a lidded chintz tea mug that I LOVE!

A former neighbor gave me a pair of these before we moved, and I don't use them often enough.

So, it was time to pull one out, blow the dust off, and have my tea!

That's what happens, when you have TOO many teacups- some don't see the light of day, or the outside of the display cabinet- as often as I would like!!

Twinings Black Tea Lemon Twist is very delicious hot or cold!

My mug is sitting on a white eyelet thrift store find- a set of three, probably really meant for a dresser(  dresser scarves), or maybe for the back of the couch - kind of a modern day antimacassar, with two smaller ones for the arms of the couch.
I have repurposed the longer one as a table runner, and the two small ones as mini  or tea placemats.

Now, does anyone remember what "antimacassar" means?????

Correct me if I am wrong (altho I am pretty certain I am correct!!LOL)  - an antimacassar was a doily of sorts, placed on the back of the couch or sofa - anti meaning against - and macassar meaning oil. Against oil.

Macassar, I was told,  was a brand of hair product from the turn of the century-(century before last, that is) It was a kind of oily substance- and these doilies were placed on the sofas to prevent hair oil from getting on the back of the sofa and staining it. Doilies were easily removed and washed, or replaced.
When I was little, I remember my grandmothers having antimacassars on all their sofas. I remember my dad using hair oil when he was younger - altho I believe his was a more "modern" Brylcreem- remember that commercial- "a little dab'll do ya'!"

This white trio is just like new, very modern and summery, so it's now for the table - not bad for a thrift store cheapie!!

Please feel free to join us all for tea on Tuesdays - read, comment, or write your own blog post!! The more, the merrier!!
Visit Kim and Patty - for a list of all the tea fanciers.


Speaking of Kim - look at the happy mail I received from her last week!!!!

A unique package of all sorts of "oddments", as she called them!! All packaged in a recycled plastic sour cream(?) container, much to the amusement of my Postmaster!!!
                                                                 Recycled wrapping

She made the little boxes out of remnant book covers, the little pin cushion upcycled from a large bottle cap (Sobe, maybe?), a fridge magnet of her own design on tin with a found bottlecap.

My favorite - and it is really hard to choose a favorite - is the little bird river rock!!! SOOOOOO simple, and SOOOOOOOO cute!!!
Altho' - this pin cushion has already been put to use!!!! And, the magnet is on my refrigerator!!!

Kim is definitely one of the masters of upcycling  art!!!!!

                                                                  Thank you Kim!!!!


  1. I have to say that I did NOT know what "antimacassar" means. But I do remember Brylcreem (sigh) My Dad used a hair oil in a bottle called Vitalis.

  2. Your teacup is awesome (remember I love anything with a lid)...I am a sucker for it. I have to turn my head away at garage sales. Love your mail!!

  3. So much in this post! Love it all, and yes I remember my Mom using "antimacassars" but never, ever knew the word for them. Nor did I know they were to protect the furniture. I always thought there were just to look pretty. Also love all your "oddments" (a made-up word?) and especially the rock! It has taken on a personality! Fun post!

  4. WOWEE what wonderful treasures from far across the country...Kimmie is SO creative indeed!

    pretty covered teacup too!

    I just talked about antimacassars with Mr M the other day...he had not heard the word...fun to read the backstory!

    Happy T

  5. I love your chintz tea cup ... And I've been looking for some cute antimacassars for my parlor sofa - not because of hair oil, but children's handprints! Not that different I think :)

    I'm glad you like the oddments - and had a giggle with the post person :)
    I am having fun with all of the goodies you sent me. And yes the pincushion was from one of the sobe caps you included :)

    Happy Tuesday! Cheers! Kimmie

  6. oh yes, I remember the doilies on the furniture, and I remember what the chairs looks like without the protection! Ugly stains!
    Your chintz tea mug is so pretty. Having the top is so useful.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  7. Your tea cup is awesome! Love it. Beautiful blog you got here. Thanks for sharing :)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. I love everything about this tea post! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful from beginning to end. Happy tea day to you. oxo

  9. What an incredible group of gifts you received from Kim! So unique. The bird is beautiful!

    I am so crazy about that chintz mug. I have just gotten bit by the tea cup bug and chintz is hitting me especially hard. I also got such a kick out of the meaning of "antimacassars. I have always loved the word and knew it was a little piece that covered a chair but did not know why! Now my education is furthered!!!

    I just joined today. I am craving cups after I turned them all down in the sixties. Right now I have one tiny cup that is a pretty little thing but "not safe for food use." Do come by and see it. I think I will have many more cups in my future.


  10. I love the boxes made form book covers...

    Does Kim have a tutorial or a blog? I hope she will teach us all how to do this..

  11. Hi: I just love the tea cup. The gifts you received from Kim are so fun. Lucky lady! Have a wonderful 4th of July! Blessings, Martha