Bells are going off- my blog counter has informed me I have reached a total of

                                                  11,111  visitors

                                                I think THAT calls for a giveaway!!!!!

I think I will give away the book   

                              ART & FEAR    
Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of ARTMAKING

                     by Bayles and Orland

And throw in a few other little goodies, and of course, some tea, to celebrate so many visitors..!!!

Thank you for dropping by, and please keep coming back!!

To enter, just leave a comment, and become a follower, if you are not already. I would love to have more followers - I'll follow you, if you follow me!!! Oh, and winner will be picked Saturday, June 18, after 5pm EST.


  1. Hi: I have been a follower for a while. Please enter me in your giveaway and congratulations on the large amount of visitors! Blessings, Martha

  2. Congratulations on having so many posts!!! Don't enter me into the giveaway, though, as I've won a few lately on other blogs and don't want to be greedy....but I did want to stop by and say, "GOOD JOB" with this blog!!!

  3. congrats.....so much energy on your blogs! don't need the giveaway, as i recently gave my copy away to a new art teacher! recycling to like minds.

  4. Um! Hello! I think I just got your giveaway in the mail!!!! Awesome book covers, spines, bottle caps, doodads, all piled into a box that I had to sign for from the mail lady and we had a little conversation about how someone In Virginia must love me. Thank you Pat for the box of treasure!! My head is swimming with ideas. You will have to watch YOUR mailbox now!!

    Hugs, kimmie

  5. I would enter, but I already have the book Art and Fear.

  6. I heard the ding ding ding all the way from Chantilly!
    Congrats and here's to more blogging fun for years to come Pat

  7. You are one amazing lady...that number is incredible but you are incredible. I will post a photo of the bad boy tonight...God made Domino very cute for a reason. I let my little Rosie sleep in bed with me when I need a rest ...soooo I allowed the pup in the bed. We live and learn. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  8. Whoa!! Can't miss this :) Been a follower for so long even though I don't pop in ALL the time. Looks like I should read that book (in spite of just winning a prize for my digital art, there is still the fear of moving forward.) That's some number, well done!!!

  9. Well, DO enter me. I am probably the only person who does not have this book! What a great number (of visitors!)