Tea on Tuesday

I discovered this "new" tea, that I would like to try-Nilgiri Tea- 

I will have to check with my tea source, Susan at Julieanna, and see if she can get some of this!

Upcoming is the World Tea Expo- one of the subjects will be about tea becoming as popular as coffee- will it ever?
It seems to be catching up - altho, sadly,  local tea rooms in our areas have been closing down. I don't know if that is a reflection on there being more coffee drinkers out there, or just the economy.
It is Tea on Tuesday, but, I cheated today, and made my coffee- decaf mocha- I must say, despite the fact that I had no whipped cream available - mine tasted as good as the ones I buy! I guess, if I make it with grounds from a local business, I will still be supporting local business- even if I make my coffee at home!!!

I have to share my new FAVORITE teapot!! It combines 2 favs of mine - elephants and teapots!! I saw this on Pinterest, and just had to have one!!

What could be better than one of these? 
                                                   Well, TWO of these!!
My husband ordered the first one - and it had a chip hidden inside under the lid. So, he ordered another, waiting 'til that one arrived, before returning the first. When the second one came, in perfect condition, he could not be bothered to return the first - so I have 2 elephants!!!

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A Day in the Life............

                              Just some photos of what I see from day to day....................


Can you spot the fossil?- a friend informed me that this area is fossil rich!!! I have a few, will be looking for a whole lot more!!! This is an area overflowing with Native American artifacts, fossils, and Civil War goodies.Look where you walk, you never know what you will step into!!!

While working in the garden the other day, I cut several of these mystery items below, out of my lavender and sage. My friend, Maryanne, informed me that they were "keepers" - they are praying mantis egg cases!!  Woohoo!! My front garden had several mantises last season- it is interesting to watch them eat - and they pose for photos quite willingly !!! Good to know, I will have a boatload of babies come spring!!! And, these cases are practically indestructible - I tried to cut one open with a trowel- trying to figure out what was inside- friend or foe- and fortunately, was unsuccessful in damaging the case!

                      Below, one of the first harbingers of spring - the mini daffies planted last year!

Friend, Maryanne, when she came to pick up a truckload of manure for her garden, brought me a beautiful helleborus- with a promise to bring me some actual plants for my garden soon!

No street lights in the boonies -it's DARK at night...

A really poor shot of a wondrous view - of the crescent moon with Venus below, and Jupiter off to the side.
Every time I got the camera in focus, a cloud would obscure the view. It was cold, and I got tired of trying to get the perfect shot!!!LOL

                                 Quite a neat barn swallow nest, high up in an indoor riding ring.

Up close and personal with a friend's cows - I happen to be standing between them and their food - not too smart on my part! They may be huge and ungainly, but they can mooooove!!!!

                                    And last, my two favorite "posers" - giving me the eye.................

Tea on Tuesday

The dusty little ceramic trivet pictured at the bottom of this post, pretty well sums up my every morning!!! 


It shouldn't, but it does- my mind wakes up stressed, and calms down as the day progresses....

This morning starts with my last teabag of Twinings New Zealand Morning, heavily doused with local Wildflower Honey.

I debated putting the tea into one of my 2 "new" thrift store finds- but then opted for a pottery mug instead!!!

Here is the first thrifty score- a partial set of several heavily crazed, vintage cups and saucers, and one cracked sandwich plate. But, I love the brown, and the style, so a use will be found for them, despite their age and fragility.

                                      Copeland Spode Buttercup- cute little basketweave design

                              Vintage Frankoma tea (really coffee) pedestal pottery mug

Tea napkin rings

And, that dusty little ceramic trivet, that about sums it all up-  I will have to attempt using Picasa today, to see if I can resolve blogger's issue of refusing to right my pix- 

Let the stress begin.......


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I am headed over there right now!!!

****Also -visit  www.ooglebloops.com for the details on the upcoming Mountain Meadows Quilters Retreat- we have local bluegrass group Thompson's Store Revival playing in my back field after the workshop!! Their link will be up on the site tonite, hopefully!!

Tea on Tuesday - Have a Heart

Native American Love Tea, in a heart shaped cup and saucer, with a tiny, heart festooned cupcake.
And a tiny red crocheted and starched vintage teacup - forgot to put the sugar cubes in it!!

One of my very FIRST quilts- made up of fabric from alot of the clothes I made for my daughter when she was little.

Three things we need EVERY day, not just Valentine's Day

And, today is my mother's 83rd birthday
Gloria Valentine
posing with roses from her grandson

Hope everyone enjoys the day, filled with hearts and heartfelt actions- AND tea!!!!

Drop by Kimmie and Patty for a list of other tea fanciers.......

Last Day of January, 2012 - Take a Walk With Me......

.....it was sunny, and in the mid 60's - the day before February!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!
                                                                 Gorgeous day!!!!!


If you look closely below (click on photo) you can see the tiny
moon still visible at noon, at the bottom center of the pic

                                                      Quince blossoms-sure signs spring is near


                                                             Proof the deer ARE still here


                                        Mosses lush, green, and sending up signs of spring

                            Another rusty treasure to be unearthed before nature hides it away again........


                             In another couple of months, my house won't be visible from this vantage point


                                                   Tree adorned with its lichen brooch......

River art, placed by the current, and left out to dry

                                                                 Dry riverbed's vivid greenery


                                  Scavenged hulls from the walnut grove- for future paint stamping

                                                                      Creek bed rock finds

I was searching for heart rocks, didn't find any - but these were cool - closeup below
                        Fossil or man made - not sure-I'm opting for fossil - it's a keeper either way!

                                                                  Committee meeting!


Turkey or black vultures (buzzards) are very common around here. A band of buzzards is known as a committee, volt, cast, or venue.
I tell my husband NOT to cut down some of the dead trees (known as snags) -if they are not in danger of falling on someone or something-, because not only are the tree cavities great food sources and nesting places for woodpeckers and other wildlife, the dead trees are perfect hangouts and perching places for the vultures.

When you see vultures circling above (floating, playing, searching for food, or just hanging out in the air) that is known as a kettle.  If they are feeding, that is known as a wake. Kind of resembles one, in a morbid way, a group hanging around a corpse. LOL

                 On that uplifting note, hope you enjoyed your walk with me today!!!!