Tea on Tuesday

I discovered this "new" tea, that I would like to try-Nilgiri Tea- 

I will have to check with my tea source, Susan at Julieanna, and see if she can get some of this!

Upcoming is the World Tea Expo- one of the subjects will be about tea becoming as popular as coffee- will it ever?
It seems to be catching up - altho, sadly,  local tea rooms in our areas have been closing down. I don't know if that is a reflection on there being more coffee drinkers out there, or just the economy.
It is Tea on Tuesday, but, I cheated today, and made my coffee- decaf mocha- I must say, despite the fact that I had no whipped cream available - mine tasted as good as the ones I buy! I guess, if I make it with grounds from a local business, I will still be supporting local business- even if I make my coffee at home!!!

I have to share my new FAVORITE teapot!! It combines 2 favs of mine - elephants and teapots!! I saw this on Pinterest, and just had to have one!!

What could be better than one of these? 
                                                   Well, TWO of these!!
My husband ordered the first one - and it had a chip hidden inside under the lid. So, he ordered another, waiting 'til that one arrived, before returning the first. When the second one came, in perfect condition, he could not be bothered to return the first - so I have 2 elephants!!!

Please join us every Tuesday for tea - visit Patty and Kim for a list of other tea lovers!


  1. I love your new tea pot...the trunk up is great luck in your future....or so I have been told!! :0)! Love you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I love your teapot. And to have two. LOL The comment from MH is something good to know, good luck if the trunk is up. That's cute. happy tea day.

  3. So cute x 2! I like white tea pots whatever the size or shape. Happy tea day!

  4. Goodness, I like that tea pot. How awesome.

    The one tea shop left in our town (we originally had three) has now closed. So sad, but true, and in our city, it is due to the economy and the lack of foot traffic. Their prices were also quite high, considering the tea shop charged $5.00 for a small pot of tea with one tea bag. I know you pay for the atmosphere, but it also pays to stay competitive. I was truly sorry to see them go, and I would have paid that for another cup of tea in their shop if it meant they would stay!

  5. Your mocha looks a little like a black and tan :)
    And your teapot(s) are über cute!
    They'll be cute together on a shelf ... They can look at each other :)

    Happy Tuesday!!

  6. Two elephants are definitely better than one...your dh has good taste...I adore your elephant tea pot!

    your mocha java looks and sounds very good too!
    p.s. it does not want to believe I AM NOT A ROBOT