Tea on Tuesday


                                    Yes, I KNOW- it's Tuesday - and I'm cheating AGAIN!!!!

I did have tea this early this morning - Lady Grey with local wildflower honey - and FORGOT to take a picture.
..........now, I am having a decaf mocha - with loads of whipped cream, thank you!!!

                                                                     Here is a pic!!!

                               Tea is better, healthier - but, come on- doesn't this look GOOD??????

I have been working my way thru' a lengthy to-do list this week and last. Making small headway, but determined to cross every single thing off!!!

                           One thing I finished last night- was recovering the dining room chairs.

I have been staring at these chairs since we bought the set a couple of years ago- they came with a grey faux suede fabric, covered in plastic- I knew I would recover them.
The suede was ugly, it was NOT dog friendly- the hairs would just fly just to cling to the suede. I left the plastic covers on, til they started to rip off from being sat upon!!!

Last week, I was watching Nate Berkus, and he mentioned using a cloth shower curtain (not the liners- the actual curtain) for covering chairs. It saves money, is durable, and if you look long enough, you can find something that works with your decor.

                                                                 Great idea, Nate!!!

I wanted purple- kind of like, "when I am an old lady, I will wear purple...."!!!  I wanted my chairs to wear purple.
                                                   I even like the word - PURPLE!! LOL

 But, couldn't find any suitable purple. I am not a big shopper, so don't like going to a bunch of different stores!
Then, I found these shower curtains in Kohl's, on sale(!)- 1  1/2 shower curtains will cover 6 chairs, with plenty  left over for another project.
The colors bring all the colors in the room together- there's the purple, there's gold in my vintage gilt frames, and tiny bits of purple, and rust in the backround of my couch. It cost way less, than if I had bought fabric by the yard. They are a tad bit more vibrant, than the photo shows. (and yes, D/H has yet to replace the baseboard  molding, after painting......sigh.)

                           I even recovered a tiny 1985 freebie Bombay Company footstool with a scrap.

So, now it's time to get back to the list - I think cleaning the bathroom is next....hmmm, .maybe I will skip to another on the list!!!

Feel free to join us every Tuesday - please drop by Patty and Kimmie for a list of other tea lovers.

*** Think about attending Mountain Meadows Quilters Retreat 2012- it's gonna be fun!!!


  1. I'll never look at a shower curtain the same ever again .... Thank you,that is really thinking outside the box. Love it! Lennie

  2. Oh, my, GOODNESS! I would have never thought to use a shower curtain to recover something! NEVER! What a great idea and I LOVE the pattern you chose. Your chairs look amazing!! I had a few chairs that needed recovering, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted in material. I finally just got rid of the chairs. I wish I had them back now...lol.

  3. I can't even find a decent shower curtain around here for my bathroom and you were able to find the perfect one for your chairs. Great job! Have a fabulous week. Tammy

  4. I love purple too. I was tinking of covering my dining chairs with black and white, so maybe I'll see what I can find. Great idea. Thanks, and happy tea day.

  5. Love your PURPLE makeover...brilliant idea and they turned out splendidly!!!

    Life is short...enjoy your tea AND coffee missy!
    Happy T day to ya from sunny VA Beach...still chilly but at least it "looks" warmer hah

  6. Wow! Never thought of using a shower curtain! Brilliant! They look really nice! I have a slip cover that needs to be finished (in my spare time) lol. Your coffee mocha looks yummy! Happy tea day!

  7. Ooooh nice mocha!!
    Ooooh nice chairs!!!
    great job!!!
    I love the fabric choice :)

    happy tuesday!
    xoxo, kimmie

  8. I'm impressed. Really looks nice. As far as the coffee, I won't comment, but I do drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, so...

  9. A shower curtain sounds like the perfect thing for covering chairs. They are SO durable, and most are water resistant. I love the foam on your coffee. It makes me hungry already. Thanks for dropping in earlier, too.

    BTW, I enjoyed reading your post above, too. I LOVE those photos you shared with us. I really enjoyed the photo of John looking longingly for warm mash!

  10. yes, dog friendly is a GOOD thing...mine is a bit like having a horse in the house...looking for a good old fashioned curry comb, not the wussy 'dog' brush they have at the pet food rip-off, i mean STORE....and that mocha looks fantastic! what a great treat! i am working my way through the 'spring cleaning list' blech...happy tea day a little late..:)

  11. oops by the way, your chairs look great!!

  12. Pat, you are so resourceful....great job. Keep at that list which just won't go away.... we'll soon be outside!!!!Judy