Dog on a Hot Tin Roof....

...not to be confused with the Tennessee Williams' play of a similar title  !!! LOL

Across the street from Julieanna,  on the other side of the railroad tracks, sits an old farm house.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed some movement by the upstairs window.

Well, I guess these folks are using this as their doggie door.. And, why have a curtain, when you can use a Confederate flag.....!!!

Obviously, the roof wasn't too hot, but the dog seemed perfectly comfortable up there. It gives him a literal bird's eye view of the world around him!

The people who live there, have been known to sit up there also- when the venue on this side of the tracks has an outdoor concert!            Best seat on the house!!!!

                                            I can see Main Street from here....!!!


                                 Checking out the other side.........................

                                                    Time to head inside................

When the dog's on the roof, make sure if you're on the porch, that you are UNDER the roof!  LOL


  1. Well I wouldn't want to trust my dog up on a roof like that but this one looks like he knows what he's doing!

  2. Small Town,USA. You've gotta love it, The flag is a nice touch too. Lennie

  3. Lol .... so funny! I hope he doesn't slip off one day.

  4. Is it too early to get bugs in the house?? I bet it was fun to watch though!

  5. Hi: That is a cute picture of the dog. I am just getting around to the Tea Cup Tuesday post. I am running late. I love the cup. What a great gift! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You are such a delightful lady. Take care, Martha