Tea on Tuesday

This morning's libation......... (libation to me, because tea brings the intoxicating calmness that wine brings for others- with no hangover!!LOL)
.......... comes in a quirky little mystery cup and saucer, designer unknown.  I just love its off kilter style- which describes most days in my life!!LOL Filled with a red rooibois, I feel like I should be sitting at the table with Alice, for the Mad Hatter's tea!!!! 

Since Easter is almost upon us, with spring definitely in the air, have a look at the treasures brought home from my foray to a local garden shop's opening day.......

         Frost, frost, stay AWAY, so the seeds and I may come out to play........

I did not bring her home, but this killdeer decided to hollow out her nest in the gravel underneath the plant tables at the nursery. Her cries to ward off intruders, did not stop people from shopping, but the store owners will be cordoning off the nest site, so she can brood her eggs in relative peace and safety. Usually, the killdeer's significant other will run around acting out the broken wing ploy, to lure predators away from the nest. I don't know where he was that morning, maybe out getting breakfast- but mom was left to defend her nest with voice only, never rising from the eggs. When her babies are born, fully feathered carbon copy miniatures of herself, they will be off and running (literally) within hours of hatching.

 Old fashioned coleus, cyclamen, and begonia for my grandmother's indoor vintage rattan planter

Future garden residents.......forgive me for not recalling all their names this early in the morning!!!

                                                                 gerbera daisy

                                                    mandevilla vine (I think...)

                                                      pansies- just love their little faces!!!

faux black eyed susan vine

ice,ice, baby......love these little vibrant ice plants to fill in the rock crevices

I may have to wait 'til next week to plant, altho' some friends are telling me to wait until mid May. I CANNOT wait that long!!! Will hold off 'til next week, and then, in the ground they go, with blankies at the ready, if frost shows up for a night or two.


BTW, check out the workshop that Pat Sloan is going to be teaching at my Quilt Retreat in August-
                                         here's the link!
Plus, she's gets to go  to South Africa to teach this same workshop  - how cool is that!!!

There are still just a few openings for my retreat in August- would love to see you there!!!!

Drop by Patty and Kim for a list of other tea lovers- see you next Tuesday for tea (and see you during the week for other things!!! Please stop by often!)


  1. I agree that cup and saucer look like they belong in an Alice tale. Truly a FUN, FUN cup.

    I plant my veggies in egg shells, too. I've never known anyone else who does that. I have trouble transplanting tiny plants, so I found if I don't have to upset them in the transplant, I am much better off. Beautiful flowers, too. BTW, I planted my dill last week. Frost, frost stay away!

  2. Love the *off kilter* teacup! Enjoyed your post ... it is gardening time and gardens and tea go together! Happy Tea Day!

  3. Cool teacup! that would be perfect for a mad hatter tea party!

    fun outing to the nursery too! always a great place for inspiration! what a sweet little bird too .... I'm sure she'll be safe from predators with all the humans watching out for her

    happy tea day!!!

  4. Way cool cup! This cup is unique and frisky to me! I can see why you use it. Get you off to a good start with the delicious calming tea, and a fashionista cup!
    Oh I loved hearing about mother bird protecting her eggs.
    Your flowers are going to be fab, they all look lovely now, and hopefully when they get in the ground they will flourish and no frost will hard them : )

  5. Spring is in the air!! I love all your dear plants ...you remind me of my neighbor Miss Dozzle who had a green thumb. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart