Tea on Tuesday- Vintage Style

I am sipping a new sample tea I got in the mail (it's delicious with local wildflower honey!).

 Even tho' my Irish mug is definitely NOT vintage, while sipping a new Twinings Orange sample tea I got in the mail (it's delicious with local wildflower honey and the pictured Beekman lemon creamed honey!), I thought I would share some vintage black and white photos found on the internet, of teas gone by..........

My grandparents used to have a swing like this at their country home in Rhinebeck, NY

Tea for two, on two..........!!

Please join us every Tuesday for tea! Share on your blog what you're having and what fancy cup or mug you are using, or just peek at what we are sipping. 

Don't forget to  leave a comment, and visit Patty and Kim for a list of other tea fanciers!!!


  1. I enjoyed all of your blast from the past photos, but you know the last lady really cracks me up too too funny!

    Honey makes anything/everything taste special...I am a honey fan ... pretty mug

    Happy T to ya dear Pat!
    my tea is "seedy" today LOL

  2. This was a fun, fun post. I so enjoyed your trip down vintage tea lane. And getting a sample of tea is a great way to know if you want to buy a certain tea or not.

    Gotta LOVE that last image. I was laughing so hard, I had trouble writing this comment.

    I've been drinking tea from a bag, too these past three weeks. Now it's time to do something with all those dried bags. Have a wonderful tea Tuesday, dear.

  3. Fun post with all the vintage photos. You mug is lovely! Happy Tea Day!

  4. Great vintage pics today, Loved them all. Lennie

  5. LOVE your mug!!! And wonderful pictures! Especially the tea for two (on two)!!!

  6. What a fun post. Love the vintage pictures.

    Jocelyn @

  7. Love the old photos! You mug is so pretty too!

  8. Oh, your photos were really FUN! The last one really made me laugh!! And wouldn't you just love to have those little tea sets that the children are enjoying? I LOVE the coffe pot house!
    Your post was special fun today! I really enjoyed myself.

  9. your mug may not be vintage, but it has a great shape... and I love orange teas... some pf those photos though are absolutely fantastic... thanks for sharing...xx

    1. Tracey,I love that mug - thrift store find! Feel free to "lift" and sketch anything that might appeal to you in this post!!!Thanks for dropping by!!

  10. Lol! I love your post! The images are wonderful and that last one is a hoot!
    Your tea mug is actually quite stunning. I love ones like that too!

  11. Oh my gosh!!! That last photo is hysterical!! My DD just walked by and said, "eewww gross". HA!! that makes it funnier!!