Tea on Tuesday

Come on over- to my new blog site!!!


Read about tea, fog, and pillowcases.........


Just A Reminder

In case you haven't noticed.....................I HAVE MOVED!!!!!!

My blog has been switched over to wordpress-  to make it easier for my followers, and me!!!

I hope those of you who are following me here, will abandon ship, and come on over to wordpress!!!!!
                                               PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE !!!

                                                       I MISS YOU!!!!

                                                      You don't know what you are missing!!!
                                                          For one - a free drawing!!!

Please drop by, follow me on wordpress, if you haven't already - read my latest post about my daughter's new photography page on Facebook. If you like and share- you have a chance to win a free 8x10 print from her gallery of photos (ever growing....)

Contest ends Friday, December 21st - would love to see her reach at least 50 likes by then!!!!!