Check Out This Band!!!

Pat, from A Little of This, A Little of Pat, is a fan and recently saw them at the Delaware State Fair. This group is fabulous - don't know why they are not a tv- they are better than alot of what I am seeing on America's Got Talent!!!!

To see and hear Vocal Trash -here's the link

And don't forget to check out Pat's blog - for great pix of the fair, some gorgeous quilts, and a little of this, and a little of that!!!!

Tea on Tuesday

I am late again, and just arriving for afternoon tea,sharing just a few pictures of tea worthy thrift shop and flea market finds.............

Above is my "new" thrift store tea cup stand, with some thrift store tea cups. I was actually going to paint this stand, and use if for something else, when my mom walked by, and said," You do realize that this is a tea cup stand?" I didn't - but I do now!!! It found a perfect home with me!!

Don't you just love this pair of delicate, vintage, almost translucent,  blue transferware/flow blue teacups that a friend found at a very famous flea market in England( the name escapes me at the moment!). I can't believe she gave them to me!!!! If you look closely, you can see the saucers are uneven, a true testimony to their age. I do love them!!!

My very vintage, thrift shop treasure, a Japanese lustreware teacup filled with dried peony petals. My friend told me, in some of the very vintage Japanese teacups, when held to the light, a tiny image of a geisha will appear. Sadly, not in this one, but I will continue to search for her!!

When company was here, we had a delicious lunch of paninis filled with brie, chocolate and fresh basil, iced caramel coffee, lemon ricotta cookies, and lovely store bought European cookies meant for dipping in coffee!!!

My daughter made the lunch, and insisted great grandma's vintage desert server wouldn't do - she needed a two tier server- so I put together one of my upcycled china pedestals with some daffodil thrift shop plates.

And, did you know (or care) that Lady Gaga is a real tea aficionado? She takes her own purple teacup with her everywhere- and even sent someone back to get it when it was forgotten!!!

Please visit  our other tea partiers, and join us on Tuesdays! See Kim's blog for a list of Tea on Tuesday participants!

Look Up, Look Down...

Running out to the barn early this morning, I heard what was a cross between a honk and a quack. Looking skyward, I saw a heron, totally pterodactylic, sailing over the treetops, with an occasional flap of enormous wings  propelling him forward. His early morning call was to his mate sailing behind him, and they conversed,, heading from the river to the pond across the field. Of course, no camera - so this photo is one pulled from cyberspace.

Walking anywhere lately, has turned me into Mrs. Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. As my footsteps create "tremors" on the hard and dusty ground below, tiny creatures flee the crushing power of my sneaker!  It is baby toad season, and they are everywhere!! I love toads- they eat flies- I hate flies!

These tiny toads could sit on a dime and still have room left over! I walk with my head down most of the time - particularly near dusk, when the little toadies emerge for dinner! My peripheral vision catches slight movement here and there, and it is usually a teeny toad, scurrying for his very life!!! I'm not sure, but I suppose the rat snakes would find them a delicacy- so, not only do toads need to be wary of giants among them, they need to watch for slithering enemies looking for a late night snack!

Since my other blog has been largely ignored of late, I guess some  life in the country will again start seeping back in to my "artfully" world. Just too hard, too busy, at times- too disorganized, and sometimes downright too lazy- to keep up with two blogs!!!

After unloading 200 lbs of feed and seed,  pulling down and stacking square bales, picking veggies from the garden, caring for the horses, and the dogs, blogging takes a back seat lately! Altho, sitting in the A/C and writing, is alot more appealing some days, than sweating in 100 degree heat!!!

Now, I have to head out to a neat little farmhouse, to care for a client's dogs, cats and chickens. Maybe, on the way back, I will stop off at the Fulks Run Lawn Party to visit Mr. Green Jeans, who is cooking chicken for the crowds.

Anyway, all is well, at Mountain Meadows this hot and humid night.......................................

Early Morning Happy Mail

In an earlier post, I wrote about the Planet Green reality show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys. I ordered their book from, and it is wonderful!!! I recently sent it to them to sign, and ordered their August goat milk soap of the month.

These boys are fast!!! It showed up this morning- and I absolutely LOVE the soap!! I chose the August soap, because that is my b'day month - and discovered that August's soap is lavender - my absolute favorite!!!

There are two soaps in a drawstring bag, stamped with the Beekman 1802 logo. They are carefully wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine by Brent (it says that on the back of the info card)- and if you watched the episode with Brent getting out orders of soap, you'll see why HE does the wrapping!!!

I am so pleased, and encourage you to check out their website- look at what "the boys" have to offer - watch their live goat cam, or follow them on FB .They are two witty urbanites, who have succumbed to "The Bucolic Plague"! The plague is contagious, and spreading- I know I've caught it!!!

Sketchbook Art Project 2011

I was blog surfing this morning and came across and interesting post on This I Didn't Know

There is a place called the Brooklyn Art Library, and they are having a sketchbook project again this year.
There was a video of a CNN report on last year's sketchbook project- and wow- looks like fun!!!!

I signed up - there is a fee. Your Moleskine Cahier is mailed to you- you decide on a topic - there is a list to choose from. The Moleskines are in a variety of colors - I REALLY wanted the kraft paper brown cover - but that choice did not come up - so, I guess they are out of those already!! Looking at last year's video - it appeared that kraft brown WAS the cover of choice!!! There are already 5,655 people signed up!!!!!!!! Deadline for signup is Oct and project is due early January.

The finished sketchbooks are categorized, organized and sent on a tour across the country. You can choose to have your book digitized for the library's website- I did that. If you decide you want to part with your art while it's on tour- you can include a sale price. At each tour site, the public comes in, sits down, grabs an art journal and enjoys what has been created.So, keep in mind, your work will be handled- by quite a few people! If your project is digitized, it can be seen, page by page, online. How cool is that?

I am excited- kind of stepping out of my comfort zone again - but the ideas are already swirling around in my head. Altho I don't have the skills of alot of the artists I see who create journals (like Patty, for instance!), this will help me expand - I hope!!LOL
If you are one of those talented artists out there- and there are alot of you - I have been following your blogs!- check out this website and give it a shot!!!

Tea on Tuesday

I was setting up my booth at the antiques mall yesterday. Had to go back twice, because the previous vendor had not yet vacated! Going twice meant twice as much shopping!!! I knew there was a reason I had stayed away when I closed my booth last year- unbelievably good prices, and no will power on my part when faced with goodies with unbelievably good prices!!
Here are some of the found treasures that are tea (and coffee) related:

Oops- these are not from the antique shop - pictured above are two gorgeous pottery Chinese tea sets that I found Saturday, at our huge annual Ruritan yard sale - for $1 each!! couldn't pass them up - one set might end up in my Etsy shop.

See the little yellow scalloped bowl above- I have several of these in different colors - this is the first one I have discovered with the plate! It looks like a flower - very cute. The teeny little juice glass has wildflowers including teasel all around- a great addition to my vintage juice glass collection. I use them all every day - no paper cups in this house!!! The scalloped milk glass plate will soon be a cake pedestal.

Above is a nice little set of iced coffee cups - they sit inside copper (?) handled inserts that say "cafe". The blue print to the right is a wonderful vintage bib apron with pockets and rickrack- wore it  last night while making dinner.
My favorites of the day - have to be this pair of limited edition 1996 Bailey's his and her cups!! Soooo cute!!!

Well, today promises to be an iced tea day!! As we get closer to drought status here in Va, the temps today are going to be 100 degrees- with the heat factor near 105!

Where ever you are, stay cool, and drop in to visit Kimmie and Patty for a list of all the other Tea on Tuesday participants!!

Trying New Things

Between accomplishing items on a long to-do list, I managed to get a few fun things squeezed in!

After reading Patty's blog the other day, about drying flowers, I followed her  link to another blog, about microwaved dried flowers.

Well, after reading that, I just had to follow her link, and order myself a microwave flower press!!!
Lee Valley has a wonder-full garden catalog AND tool catalog!! What a Christmas wish list I could make from here!!!
Made of terracotta, the flower presses come in two sizes. Mine is the 6" x 6". With a lovely celtic looking flower design on both sides, and small vent holes, the press comes with two thick wool pads, and two thin cotton sheets. The flowers are placed between the cotton, which is between the wool, which is between the two pottery pieces. Put in the microwave. You are advised to microwave in 30 second increments, which I did. Putting one to 3 flowers in at a time, mine were done in 1 minute 30 seconds.The time varies by the type of flower- you just have to play with it to figure it out.

A far cry better than the old fashioned way of putting them between paper in a heavy book - instant gratification!!!



The other new "thing"- also inspired by Patty - one of my main sources (and links), of late, for all things creative- felted soap!

When I first saw this process, I wondered why!?? Because, quite honestly, I wondered how sanitary it really was? To coat your soap in a wool jacket? It's kind of like wrapping a washcloth around your soap, and using it over and over.
That being said, it is a fun and soothing process, that gets your hands and fingers all wrinkly. The end result is pretty, if nothing else!!! The soap is pretty- NOT the wrinkly hands!!!

*First, get a bar of soap,(throw away the wrapper, of course!)pick out some colorful wool roving, and wrap the roving around the bar of soap.

* Next dribble a bit of hot water from the faucet on to the bar  to wet the roving. Start pressing the wool to the soap, it will start lathering up. The idea is to felt the wool to the bar. I used a textured candlestick to gently rub the wool. I also used my felting needle (for the first time!) to move the process along. Keep wetting the soap.

*After about 15 or 20 minutes, and terribly wrinkled fingers, change to cold water. Press the lather out.
*Blot and press the soap in a towel, to get all the extra lather out. Dry as much as possible.
* Set the soap bar aside to completely dry out. I put mine on top of a glass, so the air could circulate.

* My germ phobias aside, :>)- this does look kinda cool!!!

For a better soap "tutorial", just google felting soap, or visit Patty's blog.

Now- it's time to get off the computer, and finish that to-do list!!!!