Tea on Tuesday

I am late again, and just arriving for afternoon tea,sharing just a few pictures of tea worthy thrift shop and flea market finds.............

Above is my "new" thrift store tea cup stand, with some thrift store tea cups. I was actually going to paint this stand, and use if for something else, when my mom walked by, and said," You do realize that this is a tea cup stand?" I didn't - but I do now!!! It found a perfect home with me!!

Don't you just love this pair of delicate, vintage, almost translucent,  blue transferware/flow blue teacups that a friend found at a very famous flea market in England( the name escapes me at the moment!). I can't believe she gave them to me!!!! If you look closely, you can see the saucers are uneven, a true testimony to their age. I do love them!!!

My very vintage, thrift shop treasure, a Japanese lustreware teacup filled with dried peony petals. My friend told me, in some of the very vintage Japanese teacups, when held to the light, a tiny image of a geisha will appear. Sadly, not in this one, but I will continue to search for her!!

When company was here, we had a delicious lunch of paninis filled with brie, chocolate and fresh basil, iced caramel coffee, lemon ricotta cookies, and lovely store bought European cookies meant for dipping in coffee!!!

My daughter made the lunch, and insisted great grandma's vintage desert server wouldn't do - she needed a two tier server- so I put together one of my upcycled china pedestals with some daffodil thrift shop plates.

And, did you know (or care) that Lady Gaga is a real tea aficionado? She takes her own purple teacup with her everywhere- and even sent someone back to get it when it was forgotten!!!

Please visit  our other tea partiers, and join us on Tuesdays! See Kim's blog for a list of Tea on Tuesday participants!


  1. I'm so in love with those vintage tea cups!!! they're sooo pretty!!! Happy Tea Tuesday to you!!! Steph

  2. Love your teacup stand! Indeed, it did find the perfect home with you. :)

  3. I love your tea party and what a great find in the tea cup stand. Also love the blue and white tea cups but then I love anything blue. Tell your daughter that her menu made me envious and hungry. Lennie

  4. Glad to hear your Mom knew what the teacup stand was! It is perfect, and perfect for you to have it too!

  5. Pretty finds... and I had no idea that Lady Gaga was so fond of tea...

  6. Found how to post a comment here.
    The blue and white tea cups are from Covent Gardens in London. Modern day Covent Gardens dates back to 1630, but archeologists have found evidence of an ancient market around 400AD. But the cups aren't that old--probably just about pre-WWII. They are from Japan made for the export market--which is why the Sakura pattern (cherry blossoms--national tree in Japan) is blue instead of rose/red. Teresa

  7. I love your tea cups....I was just thinking that in a few months I will have all of my stuff back that was put in storage...can't wait

  8. you really do have some wonderful tea cups there Pat ... it would be hard to pick a favorite ... I got my father a vintage beer mug once and it has a 'scene' in the bottom when you hold it up to the light ... how cool would a geisha be in your cup WOWEE!

    Your beautiful bikkies and paninni description have made me hungry!
    I have seen Lady Gaga with a teacup in hand ... she is something else, isn't she!
    Enough chatter for me ... so glad to pop by for tea ... anytime :)

  9. meant to say "chatter FROM me" ;)
    I should proofread BEFORE I hit send

  10. Love your teacup stand and all the tea cups, so pretty!

  11. my goodness what a tea party you and your daughter put on!!! I love the teacup stand - that is just so cool!

    Happy T (everyday!!!) - hugs, Kimmie

  12. I love that we got to see your tea party and you were so kind to invite us to it. That teacup stand really is a wow factor. So is the Japanese lustreware tea cup. The brie stuffed paninis sound wonderful.

    Sorry I was out yesterday. I am so glad I didn't miss this lovely post. Happy belated Tea Tuesday.

  13. The tea cups that are blue and white from London are simply beautiful...real survivors ...I wish I could hear the stories shared over these beautiful cups. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart