Look Up, Look Down...

Running out to the barn early this morning, I heard what was a cross between a honk and a quack. Looking skyward, I saw a heron, totally pterodactylic, sailing over the treetops, with an occasional flap of enormous wings  propelling him forward. His early morning call was to his mate sailing behind him, and they conversed,, heading from the river to the pond across the field. Of course, no camera - so this photo is one pulled from cyberspace.

Walking anywhere lately, has turned me into Mrs. Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. As my footsteps create "tremors" on the hard and dusty ground below, tiny creatures flee the crushing power of my sneaker!  It is baby toad season, and they are everywhere!! I love toads- they eat flies- I hate flies!

These tiny toads could sit on a dime and still have room left over! I walk with my head down most of the time - particularly near dusk, when the little toadies emerge for dinner! My peripheral vision catches slight movement here and there, and it is usually a teeny toad, scurrying for his very life!!! I'm not sure, but I suppose the rat snakes would find them a delicacy- so, not only do toads need to be wary of giants among them, they need to watch for slithering enemies looking for a late night snack!

Since my other blog has been largely ignored of late, I guess some  life in the country will again start seeping back in to my "artfully" world. Just too hard, too busy, at times- too disorganized, and sometimes downright too lazy- to keep up with two blogs!!!

After unloading 200 lbs of feed and seed,  pulling down and stacking square bales, picking veggies from the garden, caring for the horses, and the dogs, blogging takes a back seat lately! Altho, sitting in the A/C and writing, is alot more appealing some days, than sweating in 100 degree heat!!!

Now, I have to head out to a neat little farmhouse, to care for a client's dogs, cats and chickens. Maybe, on the way back, I will stop off at the Fulks Run Lawn Party to visit Mr. Green Jeans, who is cooking chicken for the crowds.

Anyway, all is well, at Mountain Meadows this hot and humid night.......................................


  1. Summer is always busy on the farm, or that's the way I remember it anyway. It's been a long time since I've had to milk cows, bottle feed orphan calves, gather the eggs, mend fences, take care of the many acres we had, etc. It was a wonderful life but now I'm in a differnt phase of my life I guess.
    I remember thousands of little toadies scurrying up trees to warn us of a flood. We were in 5 floods in 2 years and they warned us every time. They just seemed to know danger was on the way. Nature and its critters are amazing things.

  2. Good to know - I will keep an eye out for any tree climbing toads!!!We have not had a flood here in many years- hopefully not for many more!

  3. I do so love the sights and sounds of summer but hopefully this humidity will break real soon. We tried to chase a small toad OUT of the garage yesterday while we were loading art stuff to deliver downtown to the studio. Have a cool glass of iced tea and enjoy the symphony of cicadas in the evening. Imagine and live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Good to read your toady blog today. You've been a busy farm girl lately, and the heat and humidity take all the starch out of you! I've been only outside long enough to water potted plants and pick off dead flowers and some weed pulling, but precious little of that. We need rain. Take care. Lennie

  5. Heron are such beautiful birds, there is something very self contained about them. And I think your wee toad is gorgeous, I have never seen such a tiny one. I have always been a frog lover now I think I can include toads also if they are as cute as yours.

  6. We have what seems to be thousands of tiny toads (and some of their bigger cousins, too)....and they like to hop around on the pavement at night (guess it's nice and warm for them now). The problem is...if you happen to be out at night and drive home, you see the poor little things as they "freeze" in the headlights and there are SO many of them, that you know you are hitting some of them. It is really upsetting....but there is no way to avoid all of them. :(

  7. Greetings,

    It certainly must have been a great feeling having seen the heron, for they are certainly wonderful creatures. As for the toad, I love frogs and wish I had them in the garden, especially since I have a small pond with water lilies.

    Wishing you all the best,

  8. What a thrill seeing your heron couple ... WOW and frogs ... I am such a nature girl ... that is the kind of thing that makes my day! tfs

    btw I think that your life (in the country) IS art Pat ... seems just right to me!

    Take care in the heat ... today will be another sticky scorcher ugh!

  9. Isn't it always the case that when you have the greatest shots available, your camera is nowhere close. But you have the memory and a cyber photo of the herons. Those little toads are adorable. And if they cure or reduce a fly problem, they have my full support.

    It seems to be hot and humid everywhere. I've not seen weather hang on so long, at least not for many years. Hope it cools for you soon.