Check Out This Band!!!

Pat, from A Little of This, A Little of Pat, is a fan and recently saw them at the Delaware State Fair. This group is fabulous - don't know why they are not a tv- they are better than alot of what I am seeing on America's Got Talent!!!!

To see and hear Vocal Trash -here's the link

And don't forget to check out Pat's blog - for great pix of the fair, some gorgeous quilts, and a little of this, and a little of that!!!!


  1. They are very entertaining and original...altered band makes cool music!
    Off to check out Pat's link

  2. Another great thing about this band is....they promote "going green" in a HUGE way and also they don't do drugs or alcohol......good clean, family fun for ALL ages (and doing music from various time periods, also). They are a largely undiscovered treasure!!!

  3. They sound awesome. I really like what I heard of the group. They may have a bright future with a good manager and agent.

    Per your question about this morning's tutorial: these are NOT fabric reinkers. Like you, I don't know what a fabric reinker is. They are regular DYE reinkers that you use to refresh your stamp pads. They come in three types: 1)Dye, 2)Pigment, 3)Solvent. Use the DYE reinkers for this technique. You can get these at larger chain craft stores, and always at stamp and scrapbook stores. Hope that clarifies things a bit.

  4. Sounded real good to me. I also enjoy and am' a follower of Pat's blog. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!