Found Objects Assemblage

Here is my first attempt at putting together found objects in what I hope is a somewhat artsy way!.

These boxes are vintage ammo boxes, and I filled them with all sorts of objects dug up around the farm, along with some swap and thrift store finds that just seemed to fit.

In addition, I used bamboo that I, er, uh, D/H cut,  to fit as a backround, and I also cut up some burlap coffee bags as backing.
The keys are from Michelle, a blogger from Poland who swaps "junque" with me!!!!

One river rock is adorned with a favorite quote of mine about art and friendship. 

And, for no apparent reason, I named the piece "Claro Que Si". It just seemed to fit, don't ask me why.............

It will probably end up on Etsy, when I get organized enough to put new inventory on Etsy!!!!

You can click on the photos for a closer look.

Below are vintage English shoe taps on the upper corners, an antique stove handle, and 2 old dog licenses.
The old white wire insulator has a tiny rusty crown - since the bottlecap states that dogs are the king of everything!!

 The 3 pronged antique fish hook was found in a thrift store teapot (!) and fit perfectly with the wooden fish, dangling in front of the sliced up bamboo fishing poles!
A river rock holds a tiny vintage lock, with one of the  keys from Poland hanging above, on a strip of  tea dyed lingerie hooks.

Small river rock shillelagh with CS Lewis quote, more Poland keys, on some rusty construction wire.
Shards of pottery, bullet casings, and rusty stuff, dug up around the farm

I was going to keep working with it, but after the glue gun attacked me three times, I decided I was DONE!! Tin snips, barbed wire, and hammer and awl, are no problem, but hot glue guns just have it in for me!!!

Silent Sunday

TEA on Tuesday That Took Place Last Wednesday!!!

Last Wednesday, 3 dear friends and I got together and had tea at Julieanna's.

Lennie, Judy, Patty, and I met at 1 pm, for a wonder-full tea planned by Susan and Julie, in their soon to be opened tearoom!
Also in attendance, was the Traveling Teacup , from a teacup round robin organized by Judy.

While this floral tea mug, might have felt a little out of place amongst its delicate English bone china cousins - its floral design was keeping with the day's flower theme!!! The traveling teacup was on its way to the next stop, two days after having tea with us.

A fun time was had by all - with little handmade gift exchanges and a magazine and book exchange.
                        Not to mention the delicious food and teas prepared by Susan and Julie!
The beautiful teacups and alot of the other photos will be saved for my next post - I have been having a problem with this new camera and sizing pix, so this post will only have a few photos from that fun outing!! It is soooo time consuming changing all the pix and righting them, that I just gave up after a few.
Patty's blog will have alot more I am sure, and I will post more as the days go by.

In the meantime, here are a few of the memories of the day.........

Rooibos tea
Apricot scone

Delicious sandwiches  

Absolutely delicious chilled pear soup!!! 
Stay tuned- recipes coming soon in a Julieanna's cookbook!!!
The grand finale -  delicious key lime trifle.
Since one of our ladies preferred to remain a woman of mystery - there will be no faces seen in this post!!!

It was a wonderful gathering, marred only by the issues of my new camera !!!LOL

Please join us every Tuesday for tea - 

Visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of other tea fanciers.


I won a T shirt - my daughter promptly took it over!!!
                                                                                      Great blog  
 Please be sure and visit them -and I thank them so much for the shirt!!!!!

Winning is good for the soul!!!


Silent Sunday Scenes.........................

There would be more, but blogger is taking forever to upload pix - don't know if it is me, or blogger. And pix that are straight up and down, are showing up sideways.
So much for a lovely silent Sunday post.................

Tea on Tuesday

I am sipping some tea,
                         that was in a bag,
                                     which was in a box,
                                                    which arrived last week,
                                                                                     as part of
                                                                 The Traveling Teacup

Put together by Judy at Apron Strings  , this teacup is going to a number of tea lovers around the country and Canada.It's kind of like a teacup round robin!

Each person puts in a hand crafted item of their own creation, enters a post in the little journal, and takes a photo of where the teacup has been. We get to ooh and aah over the wonderful items in the box, take some tea from the bag, and replace the tea bags we used with some of our own favs.

Then the box is carefully repacked and sent on its way, to the next recipient.

I will only give a tiny peek , showing the mini journal and the tea - don't want to spoil the surprise for the next on the list!!!

Here's the tea I took out - Twinings is in my cup this morning!

My teacup for today is a thrift store pottery find. Not in any stretch of the imagination is this a delicate china teacup- but it's the right size, and a great attempt by whoever this beginner potter was!! I love it!

Also gleaned from that thrift trip was this clunky,primitive little cup and teapot - perfect for a little girl's tea party ! And, it's purple!!!!! Soon to be on Etsy, if I can ever just sit down and restock the cyber shelves!!

Another thrift score - some more vintage silverware - with a cute little mystery spoon - anyone have a clue what this might be for? It's kind of a tear drop or candle flame shape.

Don't forget to visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of other Tuesday tea drinkers. Drop by and leave a comment - here and there- so we know you've been by!!! See you soon.................................

tea on Tuesday - Gourd Crazy

 As I sit here sipping my yerba mate, thru a cane bombilla in a gourd- I thought I might post about gourds.

I found this lovely gourd basket at the flea market last week for a mere $2! I could NOT resist- number one it was a GOURD- and number two- it was a basket!!! One can never have too many baskets - and this one was rather unique.

 These others are thrift store finds over the past year or two. The larger green one is really pretty, with carving inside and out.

                                               Written inside one of the gourds........................

                       View of the inside of the large green gourd- such intricate carving...........



I am inspired now to do something small with the leftover birdhouse gourds I grew 2 years ago.I sold about 70 of them - unadorned and au natural- to folks who are a bit more creative and organized than I.
I have an idea for some gourd jewelry,- a tiny enough attempt to test the waters in gourd creations!!

Zentangling, carving, painting, wood burning- the paths to recreating a simple gourd are endless.
Some of the gourds in the above links are truly works of art!

Feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea - visit Kimmie and Patty for links to other tea fanciers!!!

Vintage Postal Ephemera

Here's a sneak peek of some of the postal papers that will be showing up in my Etsy shop this week:

My favorites are the airmail envelopes with individually hand painted African scenes on each one!!! The whole group depicts a day in the life- complete with a hunt and kill. Shown are some of the duplicates that I will be selling.

                        The packet of handmade papers below, are not vintage, but are really cool!

                                                     Old notepad of African scenes

                                           Remember when? Onionskin (?) vintage airmail envelopes

                                                     Vintage Asian floral envelopes