More Thrifting and Purging.....

For every item that comes into my house, another should leave! Sadly, that is always not the case!

Altho' I don't yet qualify for an episode of Hoarders, some days I feel there is a serious danger of falling off the fence into a sea of debris, detritus, and er, uh- valuable inventory!!!!!! LOL

I have begun a massive purge, a very, very, slow  and overwhelming undertaking. The basement studio, and the garage are the catchalls for my many treasures. The house is, so far, neat and free from any overflow!!!

Volunteering at a local thrift shop, does not, in ANY way, help stop the flow of treasures wending their way into my life!! It is utterly impossible to work at a thrift store and leave at the end of day empty handed! The temptation and thrill of the find is just way too strong!!

My booth in the brick and mortar shop has had a pickup in business - which is great! My Etsy shop needs a serious overhaul- which means time spent taking photos, writing descriptive narratives, and posting listings- in itself quite time consuming.

The distractions of email, FB, blogging, Tumblr, and computer in general, not to mention life on the farm, and serious procrastination (!) slows down the purging process.

But, I am now making a concerted effort, and I hope, as I post new listings on eBay and Etsy, folks will love my items as much as I do, and will want to take them into their homes.
Upcoming will be small vintage boxes and tins of mixed media/found object treasures for the artist in all of you- some on Etsy - some as giveaways on this blog - so stay tuned!!!

I will leave you with an excerpt of a poem, from a tattered on the outside, perfect on the inside, 1872 volume of Robert Browning poetry- this lovely old tome with its gilt edged pages , and dedication to Alfred Tennyson, will be on Etsy very soon.

                                        Song From "Pippa Passes"

                                         The year's at the spring,
                                         And day's at the morn;
                                         Morning's at seven;
                                         The hill-side's dew-pearled;
                                         The lark's on the wing;
                                         The snail's on the thorn;
                                         God's in His Heaven-
                                         All's right with the world.



  1. I think there is a fine line between collecting and hoarding...hope I never trip over it!!!

  2. great idea...i sometimes sell on ebay, and look forward to checking out what you post. a good way for our stuff to continue to be appreciated, like this browning book about.
    enjoy lightening your space, and
    adding to your wallet.....BIG GRIN!

  3. Love your photo of the book and your choice of poetry here. Lennie

  4. Purging? I will definitely be watching. Another big grin! Very neat book and poem.

  5. Do you have an eBay shop or just separate listings? How do I find them?

  6. I'm afraid I am approaching that fine line and need to purge. Good luck with yours.

    Beautiful old tome!

  7. I will be keeping my eyes peeled :)

    I love the book cover :)