Vintage Postal Ephemera

Here's a sneak peek of some of the postal papers that will be showing up in my Etsy shop this week:

My favorites are the airmail envelopes with individually hand painted African scenes on each one!!! The whole group depicts a day in the life- complete with a hunt and kill. Shown are some of the duplicates that I will be selling.

                        The packet of handmade papers below, are not vintage, but are really cool!

                                                     Old notepad of African scenes

                                           Remember when? Onionskin (?) vintage airmail envelopes

                                                     Vintage Asian floral envelopes


  1. I loved your post, brought back alot of memories.

  2. I remember air mail onion skin .... I guess it's all air mail now. Even those sour cream containers :)

  3. I also remember the onion skin paper, and I'm in awe of the hand-painted scenes on the envelopes. I'm wondering, how did these come to be? By one individual as art, or were they mass-produced and sold this way?

  4. Barbara, I have no idea- I found them in a pack,with some duplicates. The paint is real, so someone did them - whether there were alot of these available way back when...or these are one of a kind - I haven't a clue- they are just very cool!

  5. I love the crinkly sound of onion skin when you hold it (meant mail from afar!) Great finds! Need to go look at your etsy now! (advertising really DOES work!)

  6. You kept such an wide variety and lots of designed postal papers on your Shop. Hand Painted African Scene Postal Papers are looking very fabulous.