Tea on Tuesday

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July!!

Mine was filled with flea markets,

As I sit back today, sipping on my yerba mate tea, I thought I would share with you some of my tea related scores from this weekend!!

Above, are 3 Salvation Army finds - a really cute heart shaped Mary Kay c and s, a vintage Mt. Vernon Hall China Harmony House cup and bread plate (masquerading as a saucer), and a Mikasa mug (destined for eBay). 
                                                 You can see the heart inside the MK cup below.

An English bone china mug from a yard sale.............Royal Windsor, made in England- also headed for eBay.

And some tea pots from the Busy B sale that I had to pass up!!! See my previous post about that wonder-full sale!!!

I really love the one on the left!!

Below is my favorite find, that did come home with me from Busy B!- a silverplate sugar and creamer on a tray - with an English  Mappin & Webb table bell .....
Now, I can summon everyone for tea!!!!

" I'll sweetly sing when you me ring....."

Please feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea - all are welcome - be sure to visit Patty  and Kimmie for a list of other Tuesday tea drinkers!


  1. I love the heart shaped one..
    sadly selling on eBay has palled for me..

    hope you have much better luck.

  2. It's a crap shoot - sell locally, eBay or on Etsy - you never know what will sell at any given time......

  3. You sure did have fun! Lucky you!
    Your new cups are so pretty, especially the heart shaped cup. And your S.P. sugar and creamer are fabulous! That is an amazing find.
    Thank you for sharing your newest treasures with us.

  4. I feel fortunate that I can once again leave a message in comments, rather than an e-mail. So much faster and easier! I was mesmerized by the heart shaped cup. I've never seen anything like it before. Of course, I've never seen a sale like the one in your previous post, either. What an amazing find. Just looking would have been fun.

  5. Oooo what wonderful finds! Looks like you had great fun hunting for them! Please come visit me, I wont be around today to put myself in Mr. Linky. Happy Tea Day!

  6. Oh wow, those are some wonderful finds! I really love the personal teapot/cup sets and the one below it, looks like a set with some other dishes too. They look so unique!

  7. there you go with your wonderful eye for treasure AND tea cups and more!

    Happy T Day to ya dear Pat!

  8. Wow, you found some great stuff. What a great heart cup! Happy tea day!

  9. lovely find you've got here dear Pat...I love all of them especially the yellow one... happy day to you!!

  10. You have found some wonderful treasures! I am on a treasure hunt myself and hope I will be find ones that are as nice. So far I have not been as lucky but I am enjoying the hunt a lot! I am new to all of this tea cup knowledge. I would love to have you stop in!

  11. Hi: Love your great finds. Thank you for sharing them with Tea Cup Tuesday ladies. Blessings, Martha

  12. I'm another lover of the heart shaped cup!