Tea on Tuesday

Sadly, my tea post today, will be photo free!!!

Since last night, I have been having issues with uploading pix on blogger. Hair pulling frustratingly aggravating - I have no clue what the problem is. I just know that a different looking page pops up when I click on the picture icon - and then it takes forever (literally) to load - and never does actually load.

Soooo- today I will talk about junque-ing - a pastime near and dear to my heart!!! Thrift shops, antiquing, yard sales, dumpster diving- you never know what treasures abound!!!

I saw an interesting article this morning on Etsy, that I must send  you all to!

It deals with the philosophy of object nihilism, the anatomy of a landfill, the historical culture of garbage or discarded "treasures" in our throwaway society.

Etsy has a partial interview with Robin Nagle, anthropologist in residence with NYC's Department of Sanitation- who knew a trash company would have an anthropologist on staff!!!! She is working on establishing a Museum of Sanitation in NY.

You can read the complete interview here - interesting website I have yet to fully investigate - www.believermag.com.
Since I believe one man's trash can be another's treasure - this article piqued my interest! The photos in the Etsy article were compelling - particularly the first one- of a dead baby albatross with his colorful yet completely indigestible stomach contents exposed.The others were less graphic, but very interesting from an artistic standpoint.

A book to be read (altho maybe not with that cup of tea or breakfast!) : Dirt: A Social History, by Terence McLaughlin

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Pasticcio Quartz

After reading that Seth Apter was written up in the 'zine Pasticcio Quartz, I broke down and ordered a copy. I have been wanting to for some time, but just never got around to it.

The book came in record time - I was out helping DH put siding on the hay barn, when thru the trees, I saw a white FedEx truck coming up the drive. I hot footed it over to the truck - wondering what it could be bringing me!!!

It was a light and tiny box, surprisingly- but for what it lacked in pounds, it definitely made up for it in weighty material!!
This issue 10 is chock full of all sorts of interesting stuff- articles on paper dolls, Bil and Cora Baird puppets (one of my all time favs), rubber stamps, harajuku fashion, New Mexico, Seth Apter (great article!), Kelly Moore, and a pictorial tour of co-author Angela Cartwright's home.

Angela Cartwright, and her unruly partner in art, Sarah Fishburn have put together a wonderful series of  'zines entitled Pasticcio Quartz. These soft cover books- not quite a book, not quite a magazine - cover so much in the altered art mixed media world, and then some - I think everyone could find something of interest within its pages.

I actually could not wait to read it, so, between helping put up galvanized siding- while he hammered, I read- I managed to get thru the book cover to cover. It's now on my nightstand (not the wagon) and I will be reading it over and over.

Blogger is NOT allowing me to post pix tonite -VERY ANNOYING!!!!! I will try revising this post tomorrow -with pictures!!!

Egg Balancing Act

Well, we did it!!! Despite snopes.com saying it was an urban legend, my daughter and I balanced eggs on their ends!!

Supposedly, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes are the only times that this is able to occur. Whether it has to do with the equal amount of day and night, and/or the position of the earth on its axis - I don't know.

Daughter got the first egg standing, then I tried the other eggs in the box. These are local farm fresh eggs, not supermarket commercial eggs - not that that should matter!!!

I tried to line a bunch of the eggs in a row, but invariably, one of the dogs would prance by, the floor would shake, the table would shake, the eggs would fall down!!! So, two was the best I could manage.

This was a double yolk egg!!!!!

But, ya' know.........I think I may just try this again tomorrow - if it doesn't work- then I can dispel the urban legend myth totally!!!

Autumnal Equinox

Faerwillow, of Serendipity, has a beautiful blog, and decided to have a swap, in honor of the Equinox.

My swap partner was Deb, and what a lovely package she sent me- a book of poetry, a cd of Celtic music (my favorite) and two packages of teas, cleverly held together with earrings!!! Her little card had a tiny hummingbird pin - she must have checked my blog - h'birds are another favorite- altho all of mine are well on their trek south by the time the equinox arrives. I still leave fresh food out, for the straggler or two passing thru on their migratory flight.

Thanks, Deb - for the "happy mail"!!!!

Anyway, I have to thank Faerwillow for organizing this!! You can visit her blog to read more about it- and she might have a link to the other participants. Drop in on Deb, and see what I sent her........................

Autumn also begins with a full moon, altho' the moon has been pretty bright, and almost full,  these past few evenings. I am ready for cooler days, how about you?

Now, I am off to balance an egg. This is supposed to be the only time of the year when a fresh egg will stand on end. If it works - I will post a pic!!!

Tea on Tuesday

We have a pink theme for today's tea.

Altho', to be truthful, this is from last Tuesday! Don't know if anyone noticed I was missing last Tuesday, but I was!! Our computer contracted a virus, for the first time ever!!! Apparently, there was yet another  new one creeping around out there, that even the Norton Antivirus was unaware of !

My husband was ripping his hair our, what little he has left, wondering who might have been looking at porn dot com- ok, I confess- 'twas me!!! Yeah, right!!!! That was the pop up that let the evil virus scurry in, despite being X-ed out.

Since DH had to be out of town for business for 2 days, I was computer-less til his return- boy, was I suffering cyber withdrawal!!! Every time I would think, well, let me just run upstairs and check my email.............aaaagh- CAN'T check the email, or the blogs, or FB!! Whatever will I do?????

Well, apparently, I was not missed, altho' I missed you all very much!!!! Been playing catch up on blog reading ever since!!! It is amazing tho', how much free time one does have, without computer time!!!!!

The pictured tea mug is one of a pair I received as a gift from a former neighbor, also a tea lover. Made by St. George, they are a lovely chintz, fine English bone china.

The cute little pink teapot was purchased from Julieanna's . I bought this for my daughter- she loves pink, and is always using my teapots and infusers for her coffee! So, now she had her own!!!

This delightful little tea tin,called HT Tagalong, from Harney & Sons Fine Tea, was also purchased at Julieanna's- and I wish Susan, the tea lady could get more of them!!!!  You press the center of the tin and it pops open to reveal 5 little tea "sachets"- silky little tea bag triangles, each with enough to give me two (or maybe more) cups of delicious Chinese Flower Green Tea. And, they are kosher!!

Here's a peek inside Julieanna's:

(the pedestal servers and green tray are my creations)

Don't you just LOVE the teacups?????

Most of the jewelry is made by Julie, the owner of Julieanna's. The tea related items are discovered by Susan.

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Just Food...................

Just a quick peek at what we had the other night:

My garden harvest- teeny red and Kennebec white potatoes, shallots, yellow pear tomatoes, yellow baby crookneck squash, with store bought brussel sprouts and garlic. Tossed with salt, pepper, and EVOO, baked at 350 degrees for 1/2 hour- DELISH!

For dessert- who needs a bonfire, especially in drought conditions, with high fire hazards?

We can make 'smores indoors!!!! Cinnamon graham crackers, a big fat marshmallow, and Hershey's special dark chocolate!!!!     MMMMMMM

Just make sure you use an unscented candle!!!

Friday Fotos

For a change, I have been looking up, instead of down, while out walking. Altho, there is endless fascination at our feet, sometimes beyond the sky there's no limit to beauty found!!!!

If You Get a Chance......................

 on by my other blog, and see what's happening, down on the farm!!!!!

Tea on Tuesday - Taters!!!

As I sit here with my mug of hot Provence Rooibos tea, the windows are open, it is a brisk 55 degrees out. The other morning, it was an even brisker 45 degrees- lovely riding weather!!! Don't know how long it will last, with daytime temps in the upper 70's- perfect weather in my book!!!

This flavorful rooibos is from South Africa composed of rooibos, rosehip, lavender, raisins(!), black currants,blueberries and rose petals. Put out by Metropolitan Tea Co, it can be purchased from Susan Teter of
Over a Teacup , or if you are in town, Julieanna's in Broadway, Va.

As I brace myself for the day- I have to get out and go for a ride - my ride was cancelled yesterday, because the neighbor called and said it was time to pick our potatoes- if we wanted him to plow them up for us!!!
Last year, I/we dug them out by hand - it was like an Easter egg hunt - never knowing what you will find when you dig! And find we did - tons of potatoes!!

This year, the pickings were really sparse, even tho there were more and longer rows of Kennebec and red Bliss.The lack of rain, and severe heat, made the potatoes few and tiny.

This year, I am drying them out on the front porch - our pallets are being used to hold the round bales. DH made a table last night to hold them all- and we will be storing them in the neighbors' root cellar- a cinder block structure built into a hill, right at the edge of both our properties.

Sparse pickin's as you can see.......
Only 2 of these bins are full- and we got way more full sized white potatoes than red this time, even tho an equal amount were planted.

Setting up the table in the root cellar:

I am, as usual, keeper of the dog, while the stronger folks (DD, DH, and Neighbor) are wrestling that heavy table into the cellar. This little cutie is Pepper, a Mountain Feist, bred for squirrel hunting.

I have to say, without our neighbors, who are the REAL farmers, we would not be able to get all of this accomplished every year!!!!

Picture credits this time - go to my daughter, who likes to brag she is a better photographer than I!!!!She does manage to figure out all the icons on this new camera alot faster than me!!!

Well, time to get off the computer, and get on with the day - ride the horse, cover the potatoes while they are drying in the sun, post some "no hunting" signs, work on my Sketchbook Project book, and more I'm sure......

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                                                                 We're headin' out!!!!!

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