Egg Balancing Act

Well, we did it!!! Despite saying it was an urban legend, my daughter and I balanced eggs on their ends!!

Supposedly, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes are the only times that this is able to occur. Whether it has to do with the equal amount of day and night, and/or the position of the earth on its axis - I don't know.

Daughter got the first egg standing, then I tried the other eggs in the box. These are local farm fresh eggs, not supermarket commercial eggs - not that that should matter!!!

I tried to line a bunch of the eggs in a row, but invariably, one of the dogs would prance by, the floor would shake, the table would shake, the eggs would fall down!!! So, two was the best I could manage.

This was a double yolk egg!!!!!

But, ya' know.........I think I may just try this again tomorrow - if it doesn't work- then I can dispel the urban legend myth totally!!!


  1. I think you should wait a couple of weeks and make DOUBLE sure. Ha ha.

  2. WOW...what fun you have down on the farm....LOL (Seriously, this is pretty neat!)

  3. That's amazing. I wonder is it true that it only occurs on equinox! Great fun.

  4. I am going to try it this morning as well. Loved your words and photos as always . Lennie

  5. Well, I gave it a try and it did work :)

  6. well how cool is that!!! Love the way the light is shining thru the double yolk shell

    I just tried balancing an egg and it didn't work ... the universe is indeed a mysterious place :)