Autumnal Equinox

Faerwillow, of Serendipity, has a beautiful blog, and decided to have a swap, in honor of the Equinox.

My swap partner was Deb, and what a lovely package she sent me- a book of poetry, a cd of Celtic music (my favorite) and two packages of teas, cleverly held together with earrings!!! Her little card had a tiny hummingbird pin - she must have checked my blog - h'birds are another favorite- altho all of mine are well on their trek south by the time the equinox arrives. I still leave fresh food out, for the straggler or two passing thru on their migratory flight.

Thanks, Deb - for the "happy mail"!!!!

Anyway, I have to thank Faerwillow for organizing this!! You can visit her blog to read more about it- and she might have a link to the other participants. Drop in on Deb, and see what I sent her........................

Autumn also begins with a full moon, altho' the moon has been pretty bright, and almost full,  these past few evenings. I am ready for cooler days, how about you?

Now, I am off to balance an egg. This is supposed to be the only time of the year when a fresh egg will stand on end. If it works - I will post a pic!!!


  1. Okay, I want to hear about the EGG either way!

    That Stash tea looks yummy. I love their Chai Spice.

    Ahhh..Celtic music. I would bet there is a pennywhistle on there somewhere!

  2. so glad you enjoyed your package - i wore the earring you sent as an add-on to a necklace - it was just what i needed and was so adorable!

    my post of the lovelies you sent is up now - thanks for playing along :)

  3. Lovely photo. We were disappointed last night because we missed the full moon rising due to a rainstorm.

  4. That is a terrific shot! Looking forward to seeing the egg trick! We didn't get a good look last night, too much cloud cover from the storms of early in the eve. So, I doubly enjoyed yours! Lennie

  5. Lovely swap and your moon pic is gorgeous, great closeup!
    We were out snapping some pics of the Harvest Moon too last night!

  6. ~wishing you a belated equinox and bright full moon blessings...a wonderful post and can i say i have been just thrilled seeing the l♥ve and creativity that has been shared between eachother...i thank you kindly for being apart of this with me...and look forward to you joing along again! much l♥ve and light upon you always...and celtic music...can it get any sweeter than that~

  7. so fun to see how we all celebrated with this exchange of gifts. Wishing you a lovely Autumn.

  8. There is no better way to celebrate autumn than with a Celtic sound and a herbal tea. Did I spy poetry in there? what a lovely gift to recieve. Bright Blessings xJ