No!!!!! It’s not me - 2 is more than enough!!!

My little brother has decided to join the ranks of bloggerdom. He is a very good writer- I hate it when a sibling decides to do what you do - and then does it better!!! LOL

I am kidding, of course - he is very good - but totally different in style.

He describes my blogs as family friendly, “g” rated, Green Acres( minus the water tower), and artsy.

His will undoubtedly be controversial, politically incorrect - or correct, depending on your point of view, rabble rousing, thought provoking, insightful, and aggravating. He’s not afraid to throw out there whatever is on his mind!

Whereas I prefer to fly under the radar, and not create waves- Billy is out there, surfing the big one in a thunderstorm with a lightening bolt in his hand!!!

So, no matter your political persuasion, drop in, tell him I sent ya’, put your seatbelt on and be prepared for a bumpy ride!!! Anyone under 18 should leave the room!!!!