Twitter, Twitter, Tweet, Tweet...........

I have just spent the last hour on Twitter!!!! I now officially have way too many cyber sticks in the fire!!!

Spurred on by Oprah, I decided to re-activate my Twitter account, which has been dormant for quite a while. I was so excited to be 'conversing' with Oprah and Ashton, and Martha, until a kind fellow twitterer, let me know that Oprah, Ashton, and Martha, don't know I exist, if they are not 'following' me! Which, of course, they are not!!!!
Martha Stewart does not know, (or care, apparently) that she and I are both up at the crack of early, twittering away, at the same time, in our own little worlds!!!! If she cared, she would be following ME - and we would be tweeting back and forth!!! :>)

If you thought blogging was addictive, Twitter is worse!!!

But, the upside is, you can network with some really fascinating people. Or at least, be inundated with their "tweets" every day!

I have found quite a few interesting artists on Twitter, which then leads me to their blogs, which then finds me, HOURS later, STILL on the computer!!!

Well, my cup of tea is now cold, I have checked (and responded to) my email, checked my two blogs, written on one, downloaded (or uploaded- which is it?) my pictures from my camera, checked and updated Facebook, Twittered for way too long, checked my bank account, looked in on my Etsy store,, and apparently forgot to check Myspace!!!!!Wheeew......!

Time to step away from the computer and get on with the real world activities!!!

But, if you decide to Twitter, please look me up!!! I'd love to tweet atcha!!!


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  2. hey pat, i hate to leave it here but i left you an email about the cream. just trying to figure out which one you would like besides the emu/lavender. thanks

  3. LOL, I think you've convinced me, I do not need one more thing to keep me in this chair :) The airwaves seem all a Twitter with talk of Tweets, I a going to resist this phenom tho, don't know how you do it.....oh you don't sleep right :)

  4. You are too funny. No, I don't twitter... I check Facebook about once a week. Thanks for commenting on my blog... I see Patty here -that must be how you found me! I like the picture, too!