Look What I Found!!!

Yesterday, I finally got to it - I started cleaning the garage!!! The husband was doing "his" half and I dove into mine. We have a 3 car garage which will never have a car in it!!! Actually, none of our garages have EVER had cars in them!!! It is a standing joke with some of our friends!!!
This time, our garage is stacked with boxes from our move - almost 3 years ago!!!! I have boxes from my shop, my mom (who lives with us) my son (who does not live with us), my daughter, and household stuff still packed from that move.

I am proud to say, I made quite a dent on MY side of the garage!! The husband got lost in reminiscing, and then had to load the truck for the trip to the dump!!! I have a yard sale pile, which will later become a donate pile, and a dump pile!!

While going thru the boxes, I came across my quilts,( which can't be hung until we paint), and found some treasures, long forgotten, in other boxes!!

These wool penny rugs were made in 2001!!! They smell like Great-Aunt Taimi's moth balled cedar chest - but that protected them from getting holes!! I am airing them out as we speak!!

The floral basket was a round robin- our own Pat Sloan made the blue forget-me-not in the middle! Other participants were Joanne Sangrey,quilt designer Ann Weber,Sandi M,Linda, Maxine, and Dot Elliot. I'm glad I saved the card that accompanied the wool piece, but I wish some of the ladies had put their last names down!! Joanne, Pat and Ann were local, but the others were out of state, I believe. This group also did a spoolie exchange, and if I can find that box (!)- I will post pix of those!!!

My poor little basket of flowers needs a little careful steaming to get the wrinkles out, the edge needs finishing, and maybe some additional embellishments or embroidery.

The other wool piece is one I made to fit an antique coffee table that I no longer have!!! I will have to find another use for it - any suggestions??? I am not sure if this was part of an exchange or I did this myself- word of advise - save all paperwork with exchanges or round robins!!!!

If anyone out there in cyberspace is up for a 'woolie' exchange of some kind - I'm ready!! At a later date, I will post some other pix of ones I participated in - I have a wonderful needlecase that I use every day, and some multipurpose wool "envelopes" that are great for holding sewing supplies. I am just "itching" to get back in wool!!!!!

Thought for today: Less clutter=clear head!!


  1. Cleaning can be so rewarding at times like this. Isn't it like Christmas again? I remember finding some lost dishes two years after we moved! Right there in the garage.
    Would love a wool swap. I've never done a swap, but I sure have wool.

  2. I belong to a Wooly Yahoo group (and am a moderator there, actually). We are called Wooly Buddies, so look us up if you want. It's a fun group and we share ideas and do exchanges and the group owner designs patterns for us, too. I love the pieces you showed here and I'm glad you found them.

  3. Lovely rugs.... you never know what you've got stashed away in the attic or garage! I couldn't believe it when I found my lace making stuff from 20 years ago!
    Linda x
    PS Have you spotted the netting on my ABAA collage? I've mentioned you on my blog - hope thats ok.

  4. It was just like Christmas, right? Debbie

  5. Oh, I spent Wed. doing that! I stirred up so much dust I have been sneezing and weezing ever since. My yard sale pile is HUGE and I am only getting started. I got the garage attic to hit next!

  6. You are digging deep aren't you, watch your back :) Cleaning up is how I put mine on the fritz!
    Were you in the Woolies group when we did the wool Heart RR? And how about the stocking RR, they were both so much fun. I was just looking at my heart the other day, guess I could post a pic of that! Enjoy this gorgeous weekend and remember your sunscreen!