Tea Party

Had some friends over for tea today - see my other blog for the details!!!

I thought I'd just share one of the goodies that was handed out.
I call these my 'mugger huggers'- a classier version of the cardboard sleeves you get with your Starbucks coffee.
I was trying to think of a little easy gift and this came to mind, while drinking my store bought decaf caramel macchiato!
The fabric is from some thrift store batik squares I had and hand pieced together. The backing is felted wool, and it fastens with a loop and vintage button. I'm sure I can't be the first one to think of these, but I liked the way they turned out. I hope the gals did too. They will also fit around a handled coffee mug - hence the name!!!I may do some revisions on future ones.


  1. Great idea.....I love pretty and practical!!

  2. Oh my - that table setting was delicious and I love love your tea huggers or cozies for teacups- you're brilliant and I'm so jealous of your friends - this would have been right up my alley

  3. What a brilliantly simple idea. Saves all those scald marks on one's hands AND chic too.

  4. Very nice....will you be doing a tutorial?

  5. Oh I see the lovely swan setting you did for my place Pat! You certainly treated us all to a royal tea with all the trimmings and so much more. Wonderful visiting you and yours at your beautiful Mountain Meadows. Thank you for a magical time!

  6. and, your altered fork and mugger hugger (along with the other special treasures) are just so wonderful! You really spoiled us. Also thank you for going above and beyond and getting me out of Katie's boots ;)