Another Fabulous Giveaway!!

"This is Round 4 of the unique bag giveaway begun by Barb of Bejeweled Quilts (click HERE for her blog). Here is the story......once upon a time, Barb, who lives in the beautiful island paradise of American Samoa, made 5 cute little bags (with zippers....and VERY nice are they). She wanted to share them with her friends and decided to have a giveaway with a twist. The winner would get all 5 bags, BUT....had to choose just ONE of the bags and then have a giveaway on her (or his) blog for the remaining 4. When a winner was selected there, the bags (along with an extra little gift) would go to that winner.

The winner of the first round was Mary of the Quilt Hollow blog (click HERE to read her blog). She chose her bag and sent the remaining 4 to Pat of "A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit of Pat" along with some nice fabric." Click on Pat's name to see her blog.

I entered, and to my surprise - I WON!!! The first time ever, that I won something on a blog contest - WOOHOO!!!!

I picked my bag - and it was sooo hard - I love all the colors, especially the blue and brown - but the bright floral spoke to me more!!!
SO - there are two left - and they are beautiful and soo well made. And to think, they came all the way from Samoa!!! They are the perfect size to hold sewing supplies, rotary cutter, small scissors, or makeup, or cellphone and Ipod- perfect for dropping in your purse or tote!

If YOU would like to win Round 4, just leave a comment on THIS post .

The winner will be randomly selected next Tuesday, April 28th - so mark your calendars!!!

The 2 remaining bags, along with an extra surprise, will be sent to YOU, the winner. Whoever YOU are, must then choose a bag for yourself, put a photo of the last bag on your blog and post the final Round 5 of the giveaway.

So, tell all your friends, leave a comment, and keep your fingers crossed!!!

Thank you so much Barb, for having this very different kind of giveaway, and making these beautiful bags!!! I am so happy to own one of them - from Samoa to Virginia- thru the magic of cyberspace!!!

(The part of my post in 'quotes' was taken from Pat's blog- I wanted to make sure I got the details right, and she wrote so well about it - I hope you don't mind, Pat!!!!)


  1. I was wondering who won the third bag. Okay, enter me in. I'll take a chance.

  2. Oh, here I am trying once more...LOL I seem to be following these bags across blogland...

  3. I have been trying for one of those bags since they were "5" I still get 2 chances. Please enter me. Thanks

  4. No...of course I don't mind and I put a link to this post on my blog some of the gals who haven't yet discovered your blog can find you AND the giveaway!!!

  5. Oh...and don't put my name in as an entry in this round, okay? I was just commenting to let you know I didn't mind your using part of my post to describe the giveaway. Good luck to those who enter this round.

  6. I would like to enter please. I tried a couple of other times, I'm hoping that the third time is charmed!

  7. What a brilliant idea this is! Please include me...
    Best wishes
    Linda x

  8. I have been trying to win that blue bag since the first round. Please include me in the giveaway.
    ~Tootles for now!

  9. I just love the colors of the bag - enter me please!

  10. This is so cool...what a fun way to "meet" and grace people. Ahhh, it is reaffirming---there ARE some really cool people left in the world!

  11. OMGosh I almost forgot to enter into the drawing again. I was reading Barb's blog this morning which reminded me that Pat pointed us to your blog, so here I am.....huffin' and puffin' from the long run LOL. Count me in please :0)