The Disintegration Collaboration

I am sooo excited to be a part of Seth's Disintegration Collaboration

My churning brain fell asleep with one thought, and awoke with the same thought- what will my project be???

Some who clearly don't know any better, call me an artist. But, truth be told, I prefer to think of myself as an artistic wannabe!! Creative in alot of ways, yes, and definitely 'artsy', but a true artist - nah.....!! Without any formal training, I fly by the inspiration of others - sometimes soaring, other times, crash landing!!!

I truly appreciate the innate creativity in others, and am amazed by what their minds can imagine, and how their hands can make that vision real.

The Collaboration of 120 artists will be revealed May 1st. Then, all the participants have until August 1st, to take what nature has eroded, and give it new life!

I have not seen all 120 pieces, but the few that I have seen are already perfect in their present state. Those are the true artists- they have the 'eye'!!! Their bundles were artistic at the start, and nature just added a tweak here and there. To dismantle some of THOSE bundles would be a shame.........

Other bundles are so varied in their components, composition, and deterioration, that rebuilding them into a new creation will be both beautiful and amazing!

I hope I can rise to that challenge!!

It's raining here this morning, so I quickly added a vintage Hemingway novel and a watercolor sketchpad to the mix.With this weather, I think these two items will quickly catch up to my original group in decay!

While putting these out in the early morning rain, and taking pictures, a chickadee, white crowned sparrow, and red headed finch alternately landed and gave me the eye!! The Disintegration project is set up at the bird feeding station, in hopes of hastening the decomposition!

I put breakfast out for the birds, and the watercolor pad became a runway for incoming, and the Hemingway novel became a lookout perch!

So, from now thru the summer, I will have a pencil and paper by my bed- in case some truly creative notion escapes the depths of my sleeping brain, telling me what I will create out of the detritus on my porch!

I think the secret is NOT to over think, but to just DO!

Here's hoping the creative juices flow properly - and thanks to Seth for bringing the creativity out of all of us!!!

Be sure to check out his blog, to read about the project, and to see one of the brilliant lights of NYC shine!!!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you (and the birds!) come up with for this project. And thank you for the shout out! :-)

  2. Just found your site and I love it. I've seen your comments on some I follow and got curious to see an oogleploops, or whatever. I'll be following you.

  3. Hmmmmm~ Interesting....Yes, keep us posted. I love things with an aged patina. I guess this is one way to get there! Just putting something out in the sun can do a lot. I know you will wake one morning and have the Ah~ha moment!!

  4. I must say that you are one busy lady!!! :-)