Seth's Disintegration Project

Seth, over at The Altered Page
had organized a Disintegration Project a while back. There are well over 100 artists participating all over the globe. All sorts of creative and interesting bundles of objects have been put outside to let the elements have at them. If you check his blog, you can see links to most of the artists participating.Some of them are quite fascinating!
I was a little out of my element here, but I put together some stuff. My first one, attached to the rusty drum cover, is just an assortment of things, to be used in other projects down the road.
The second one, I called the Deterioration of Politics. It did not turn out quite like I imagined! I took layers of the Washington Post, with articles about the election, and inaugural, tied it with twine around a brick, and hoped for the best. I have even put both projects near my bird feeding station, with seeds on it, hoping the birds' interaction would have an interesting effect!!!
I had started a third little project, entitled 3 Blind Mice( a little macabre, I know, but we live in the country) The project started off well, but my subjects were carted off under cover of darkness for 'someone's' late night snack......:>(

The final unveiling of all the projects will be May 1st.


  1. I'm taking part too and I'm not seeing much change in my bundle either. Except for when my sister's one year old pup decided to help things along by chewing on it ;o)

  2. fun to see your pics, the rain is taking its toll on my bundle!

  3. This is a fun process isn't it? I love the birdseed on top .... it looks like it all serves a purpose that way :)

  4. Both look amazing. Each so creative. Looks like nature took its course with bundle #3 already!