Rules of Propriety and Creative Endeavors

My dear friends are so talented - and so polite!!! After our tea last week,for three days in a row, I got little surprises in the mail. I LOVE little surprises in the mail!!!!

After a 'proper' tea party, what follows but a proper thank you!!!!

Being all creative ladies, their thanks reflected that!!! Lennie sent me actual photos (no digital!) of scenes of the day!I love photos I can hold in my hand!!

Judy sent me a beautiful handmade card - made by her, the queen of stamping! With tiny cut out pansies, it's a keeper!!

Patty, did a beautiful altered postcard- I am sure I will hear from the postmaster about it tomorrow!!! It has pictures of my flowers and the heart rock she found!
Now I will have to sit down and create a little memento book of the day, with all these goodies inside. I hope I can do their creativity justice!!!!

Thank you all for my thank yous!!!

To have a friend is wonderful, to BE a friend, sublime...........


  1. It is true that the gift of yourself and your time that you give to your friends all come back to you... i'm so glad you are reaping what you are sowing!

  2. Glad to see my postcard arrived in one piece. It's the first time I've sent anything like that not in an envelope! Still have such nice memories of a really lovely day with you.
    My back went on the fritz and I am just now coming back to real life, trying to play catch up!