Found Objects Assemblage

Here is my first attempt at putting together found objects in what I hope is a somewhat artsy way!.

These boxes are vintage ammo boxes, and I filled them with all sorts of objects dug up around the farm, along with some swap and thrift store finds that just seemed to fit.

In addition, I used bamboo that I, er, uh, D/H cut,  to fit as a backround, and I also cut up some burlap coffee bags as backing.
The keys are from Michelle, a blogger from Poland who swaps "junque" with me!!!!

One river rock is adorned with a favorite quote of mine about art and friendship. 

And, for no apparent reason, I named the piece "Claro Que Si". It just seemed to fit, don't ask me why.............

It will probably end up on Etsy, when I get organized enough to put new inventory on Etsy!!!!

You can click on the photos for a closer look.

Below are vintage English shoe taps on the upper corners, an antique stove handle, and 2 old dog licenses.
The old white wire insulator has a tiny rusty crown - since the bottlecap states that dogs are the king of everything!!

 The 3 pronged antique fish hook was found in a thrift store teapot (!) and fit perfectly with the wooden fish, dangling in front of the sliced up bamboo fishing poles!
A river rock holds a tiny vintage lock, with one of the  keys from Poland hanging above, on a strip of  tea dyed lingerie hooks.

Small river rock shillelagh with CS Lewis quote, more Poland keys, on some rusty construction wire.
Shards of pottery, bullet casings, and rusty stuff, dug up around the farm

I was going to keep working with it, but after the glue gun attacked me three times, I decided I was DONE!! Tin snips, barbed wire, and hammer and awl, are no problem, but hot glue guns just have it in for me!!!


  1. Very interesting.. I love the shoe taps!

  2. Your assemblage is really neat, great getting the tour of what's what with you too! I am drooling over your Polish put a lot into this...I am thinking it must be a pretty good size too...Bravo

    I haven't used my glue gun in so long...I seem to go with heavy gel medium for attaching lots of things now...takes a little longer to set up with it sticks really well too and no danger of getting burned ;)

    had to look up "Claro que si" didn't know you spoke Spanish :) but of course you do!


  3. Wow, only you would see the possibilities in a seemingly unrelated batch of "junque" and be able to do this so well! I love the way one thing ties into another, there's great flow in this extremely creative piece! I'm watching etsy, as always!

  4. Wow, Pat!! Your buried treasure is amazing! And I love how you've assemblaged it! Each section is like an individual shrine .... I just love stuff like that :)

  5. Oh, it's awesome!!! I love it!! I have to send you more keys :)

  6. This is a great piece Pat. I love how you put together the boxes and the fascinating objects you chose to use. Very cool!