TEA on Tuesday That Took Place Last Wednesday!!!

Last Wednesday, 3 dear friends and I got together and had tea at Julieanna's.

Lennie, Judy, Patty, and I met at 1 pm, for a wonder-full tea planned by Susan and Julie, in their soon to be opened tearoom!
Also in attendance, was the Traveling Teacup , from a teacup round robin organized by Judy.

While this floral tea mug, might have felt a little out of place amongst its delicate English bone china cousins - its floral design was keeping with the day's flower theme!!! The traveling teacup was on its way to the next stop, two days after having tea with us.

A fun time was had by all - with little handmade gift exchanges and a magazine and book exchange.
                        Not to mention the delicious food and teas prepared by Susan and Julie!
The beautiful teacups and alot of the other photos will be saved for my next post - I have been having a problem with this new camera and sizing pix, so this post will only have a few photos from that fun outing!! It is soooo time consuming changing all the pix and righting them, that I just gave up after a few.
Patty's blog will have alot more I am sure, and I will post more as the days go by.

In the meantime, here are a few of the memories of the day.........

Rooibos tea
Apricot scone

Delicious sandwiches  

Absolutely delicious chilled pear soup!!! 
Stay tuned- recipes coming soon in a Julieanna's cookbook!!!
The grand finale -  delicious key lime trifle.
Since one of our ladies preferred to remain a woman of mystery - there will be no faces seen in this post!!!

It was a wonderful gathering, marred only by the issues of my new camera !!!LOL

Please join us every Tuesday for tea - 

Visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of other tea fanciers.


  1. Really enjoyed seeing the fun the four of you had last week. I can only imagine how good that pear soup was. Loved the photos, even though you seem to think there was a problem with your camera.

  2. Lovely photos of a wonderful get together! Julie and Susan certainly outdid themselves...Would you believe I played with my blog post for more than two hours to try and get it right AND I still haven't shown our exchange part of the fun LOL...everything takes time doesn't it!

    Sure glad we made the trip to see you and thanks again for being so generous and thoughtful dear Pat...you're the best!
    p.s. stay cool!

  3. I forgot to tell you that I am glad to see the wandering tea cup (grin) and enjoyed getting an update on its travels.

  4. What a beautiful afternoon! I wish we had a Julianna's here?

  5. Oops-- the question mark is supposed to be a period.

  6. How wonderful to spend time with friends in such a sweet setting.

  7. That sure looks fun and the food delicious. Love the RR mug and all the table decor you had there. Nice time with friends of like minds. Happy tea day.

  8. I want to climb into these photos and enjoy the teas, food and ambience -- all lovely! In catching up here, I truly enjoyed your Sunday photos as well. Wish I could climb into those too.

  9. I think I must be coming up pretty soon for the traveling teacup :)
    Your tea party looks like fun ..... I'm drooling over the key lime trifle!!
    How lucky you are to have tea party friends :)

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  10. Our Round Robin teacup though ragged it may be is more refined after its time with your, Pat, my dear. If I were the jealous type I would be green with envy over the grand time you had with your tea-loving friends. I would love to take a big bite out of your apricot scone.

    Happy tea day...

    oxo Judy

  11. This looks like a tea party most people only DREAM about. *sigh* What a wonder filled time you all had for sure!

    I know who the mystery lady is. heehee.

  12. oh so nice to see your photos and Pattys, looks like an incredibly delightful and fun Tea, with a capital T !!

  13. Thanks Pat for the nice blog. I think the pictures look great! It was lots of fun having you and friends with us- nothing like "old" and dear friends. Blessings, Susan

  14. This must have been truly lovely! What delicious looking food, and the tea cup is so lovely too. Their tea room is going to do so well.

  15. Everything looks WONDERFUL! What a beautiful day you all must have had! I would love to do a traveling teacup. Have a great day!

  16. Your blog entry on our teatime with friends last week is Wonder-Filled and I loved reliving each and every picture and your comments. What a fantastic day we had all together again. Lennie, your friend over a teacup