tea on Tuesday - Gourd Crazy

 As I sit here sipping my yerba mate, thru a cane bombilla in a gourd- I thought I might post about gourds.

I found this lovely gourd basket at the flea market last week for a mere $2! I could NOT resist- number one it was a GOURD- and number two- it was a basket!!! One can never have too many baskets - and this one was rather unique.

 These others are thrift store finds over the past year or two. The larger green one is really pretty, with carving inside and out.

                                               Written inside one of the gourds........................

                       View of the inside of the large green gourd- such intricate carving...........



I am inspired now to do something small with the leftover birdhouse gourds I grew 2 years ago.I sold about 70 of them - unadorned and au natural- to folks who are a bit more creative and organized than I.
I have an idea for some gourd jewelry,- a tiny enough attempt to test the waters in gourd creations!!

Zentangling, carving, painting, wood burning- the paths to recreating a simple gourd are endless.
Some of the gourds in the above links are truly works of art!

Feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea - visit Kimmie and Patty for links to other tea fanciers!!!


  1. I love gourds too and have about 6 I guess. I have grown them myself in the past, painted them and tried different things. I love them. Have a friend who grows them for birdhouses. Enjoyed your tea poat and I still need to get myself a yerba matte gourd. Love yours.

  2. Wow, gourd art! I never thought of such a thing. I guess I just haven't seen many gourds that have had creative things done with them. I'm also wondering, how does one grow their own??? Can you buy the seeds? I feel so uninformed about this! How about a gourd spirit doll? That's neat for me to ponder!

  3. Wow! what an interesting way to enjoy your tea. That is a first for me.
    Happy T on T

  4. What a fun way to enjoy your tea! Gourds are wonderful! Happy Tea Day!

  5. Love the gourds, and enjoyed seeing you drinking tea from one, too. These are some pretty special gourds. I hope you do well in your new endeavor, too.

  6. Gorgeous Gourds :) awesome find. Happy t day

  7. Amazing!! I love natural art like that .... Did you ever see what became of any of your 70 gourd babies? They would be great for zentangling!

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  8. Love your newest find and you have amazing collection of THRIFTed gourds! They look so expensive as a group (doncha love it?!)

  9. finally got my t post up...I couldn't agree more baskets AND gourds...what a perfectly lovely combo!!!
    I have to send my Queen Bee friend Linda by, their family inherited a beautiful yerba matte cup and no one knew what it was...for some reason I did LOL forgot what the "straw" was called :)

    stay cool!

  10. Love gourds too. I've wanted to try growing them but don't have a place to let them dry out properly. I wish we had a root cellar.

  11. Halle- I tried drying half outside on the vine and the other half in the garage - outside worked the best- but either way works fine.
    Barbara, I may have a tiny gourd left- if I do - I will mail it to you for a spirit doll- the Gourd Princess!!
    Patty,- maybe you saw the yerba mate gourd on one of my previous posts -

  12. WHERE did you find those gourds???? They are gorgeous!!

  13. my SIL grows and does artwork on gourds, your green one is gorgeous!!! what a find! if you use the woodburning tool, please consider a mask, i've read about seriously bad lung issues with breathing in burned gourd...xo

  14. Wow, I never seen a cane bombilla before! And the gourd you drink the tea from is awesome! What a great way to start your day!

  15. Those are just fascinating. I have never seen a tea cup made out of a gourd but I used to have a lovely little gourd necklace with some seed bead weaving around the neck. i am afraid it is long gone!

    I am new to all of this and have been thoroughly enjoying it. If you have time, I would love to have you come and visit...



  16. great t post... the gourds are amazing, the green one is just smashing!

  17. So you saw my comment today on your facebook wall, I guess. I can't believe you are showing your yerba mate gourd!!!

  18. Yerba Mate is traditionally drank from a Mate Gourd. Yerba Mate is available in loose bulk mate. Yerba mate tea is prepared by steeping the dried leaves and twigs of the mate plant in hot water.

  19. These orbs are really wonderful...and what a bonus to have one inscribed like that!

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