Blogland Party

Want some inspiration to make you organize your studio or creative space? Want to show it off, after you have it all nice and organized?

Well, you have until June 19th- so get busy!!!

My Desert Cottage  is sponsoring the 2nd annual Where Bloggers Create II and- Where Women Create will be there also!!! There are prizes and chances to peek into other folks creative spaces. It might be a dining room table, a closet, a corner of the basement, or a real honest to goodness studio.

Definitely sounds like fun!!

I was in the process of cleaning/purging my area (does that ever end????)- and now this gives me a time frame!! Don't know if I will get there - but it's worth a try!!! I have moved beyond the dining room table, but my creative space is certainly not glamorous - just larger!!!LOL

I think Karen mentioned that her blog is in this month's issue of Where Women Create.

If you decide to play, just leave a comment on Karen's blog, and she has a little icon you can put on your sidebar.

A Giveaway in Blogland

For all you ephemera fans, collage paper lovers, and those who love a giveaway- Laura over at Found Memories Art is having one!!!
Not that I want to limit my chances of winning, but, the rules of the game are to talk about it!! So, I did!!!

Drop by, visit, and enter if you like - she has a great blog, always something interesting going on!

Tea on Tuesday

In a few minutes, I will be outside, drinking my tea, while grazing my horses.

 The daily routine of late, has been to take them out, 2 of 3 on  lead ropes, to let them graze. Their two paddocks have been closed off to allow the grass to grow. Their new 3rd paddock has been grazed down to the nubs in one month. So, every day, sometimes 2x a day, I take them out for an hour and a half, to just eat the green!
I have become quite adept at writing, texting, talking on the phone, or just plain day dreaming, with a horse in each hand!!!Once they are out in the green grass, eating is the only thing on their minds!

Used to be, I could take my original two horses out anywhere untethered, and just sit on the ground and watch them- I never had to worry where they would go- 'cause they would not go anywhere!!! With the addition of Breeze, the young Walker, we have to keep a closer eye. Breeze would take off in a heartbeat. It is amazing that a 110 lb person at the end of a lead rope, will keep a 1,200 lb animal from taking off! Don't they know that they are stronger than me?? Never ceases to amaze me.............but thank goodness they don't take advantage of that!!!

I did get stepped on the other day- there is a first time for everything!!! The "old man" and Breeze were getting a little anxious to get out and eat, and the "old man" jostled Breeze, who, in his haste to get out of his way, stepped on me and knocked me down. His foot held my foot firmly to the ground as I went down, ripping my boot, and I was saying a silent prayer that nothing would break!!! As my calf muscle popped, I tried to turn and break my fall!! Both horses just stood there looking at me -as if to say what the heck are you doing down there? Breeze would not get off my foot- so I managed to get my other leg up there and push him off.!! Fortunately, I just have a bruised hip and palm, the popped calf muscle is perfectly fine!!

Anyway, time to get outside -I am drinking Jacksons of Piccadilly's green sencha tea - sent to me by Chriss in my tea bag swap numero dos!!! It smells delicious!!! Now, I am going to put the tea outside, and go get the boys for the morning graze........

Feel free to join us for tea any Tuesday. Visit Kim and Patty for links to the other tea party-ers!!!

John and the "old man"( above) heading for the gate to come out!

The daughter came out to give me a short break- this IS her horse, after all! She is texting behind the horse!These photos are from yesterday - I am on my own today!!

Kim's Inchies

I was recently in an inchie mini swap with Kimmie of Art in Red Wagons
I am relatively new to inchies- but Miss Kim is the inchie queen extraordinaire!!!!

I was sooo excited to get that little piece of happy mail, I didn't even wait til I got home! DH was driving, so I opened the package in the car. It was all wrapped in a cute floral napkin, that will be used in some project very soon, I know!!!

Each inchie was better than the last - and they are all so creative! One of the bird inchies (and I love birds) even has a tiny feather! You can click on the photos for a closer look.

But, underneath them all, was an extra goodie that brought a tear to my eye............Kim drew me a little portrait of my precious Miss Lilly. It's still kind of hard for me to look at a picture of her - but this is too sweet to not look!! She got her personality perfectly- thanks so much, Kim!!! This little treasure is going in a special frame, and will be up on the wall soon!!!

Oooops! Guess What Today Is??????

We had a sense of humor back then.....LOL

"Purging Unearths Forgotten Treasures!!!!" 10th Post Replay!

I notice some folks are re-posting their 10th blog post. Figured I'd play too - here's mine!It also reminded me that I started this second blog a year ago!!!! I might have to have a celebratory giveaway!!! Check back!!!

"Sounds like a headline on a newspaper!!!!

I am in the process of cleaning out an overwhelming amount of boxes from our move - 2 years ago!!!
I have boxes of my mother's, my son, my daughter, not to mention boxes for my eBay and shop inventory.The husband has a fair sized pile also! It's just gotten to be too much in the basement and the garage.
So, even tho I swore up and down that I would NEVER do another yard sale - I am!!
Found my Dear Jane quilt blocks, lots of fabric, books-not to mention the usual household detritus! T
he yard sale pile is growing by leaps and bounds!!! Don't worry, I am NOT selling my Dear Jane blocks!!! I am just trying to wade thru the sea of debris that has become my basement!!!

I came across this cute little pin of my own design, that I made when I belonged to a Folk Art Club, many years ago. I love Raggedy Ann- so cr
eating her was a natural choice!! She brings back many fond memories, and she will swing on in my studio!!

I found this neat vintage sequined peacock pin also. It is resting on the back of my basket quilt that was machine quilted by Ann Weber in Ashburn, Va.
Alot on my quilts are still packed aw
ay, because I can't hang them up til the walls are painted!!!

Well, on with the purge - I know there are more goodies hidden away!!!"

Swapamania & Challenges

Online swapping is fun, and certainly addictive!!!
I think I have caught up with all mine-all completed and mailed out!!!
The Collage Box Swap, created by Lawendula  arrived after traveling thru' Europe. Very exciting- a box full of wonderful bits and pieces- I had to choose 12 - very, VERY hard- and put back the same.I think I actually put back 15, but who's counting??? LOL

The above photo is what I chose from the box. Two of the pieces I picked, were able to be cut in half and replaced - they were a duplicate image. Below is what I put back....................

Above is the little booklet that was included. All participants signed and added a "snippet"- I put in an inchie, since I am so inchie obsessed lately!!.
Another swap from the same blog was a mini journal swap (see the icon on my sidebar).
Mine are off in the mail- going across the pond!!! My postmaster informed me that there might be a delay, due to the Icelandic volcanic ash- hopefully not! So, Vera, no peeking- if you want to be surprised!!!

The first journal was made from a vintage photo mat that I cut and tied together with twine and assorted blank pages. I used alot of the papers that I picked out of the collage box for the cover of the journal!!!The letters were from The Graphics Fairy, I believe-see her link on my sidebar.

The 2nd tiny blank journal is made from brown paper grocery bags, with brass grommets, and paper from RubyFloy . Very appropos, since it was Earth Day - the paper is handmade, with leaves, grass and rose petals. The little "journal" stamp on the cover is also from Nathalie's Etsy shop, Ruby Floy.

The outer frame/mat on the brown paper journal below, was a mailing label, trimmed and cut to fit, from Where Women Create- it just seemed to work!
These inchies were challenges from Inchy by Inchy- I think!! One was a "royal lady", the others are letters of the alphabet. I am a bit late, so am starting mid alpha!!!

It's hard to tell - but the letter "M"  has a tiny little person in yoga position holding up the "ommm"!

Last, but not least, this went out in the  mail to "someone".............the last of the altered matchboxes and 2 inchies.

Dandelion Fever

With its cheery little countenance, the dandelion has to be one of my favorite little wildflowers. Great in salads, very good at cheering one up, they are quite prolific, much to the consternation of gardeners!

My husband hates to see them in his "perfect" lawn- but we live in the country now - we don't have a lawn - we have a field!!! Dandelions are very much at home there!!!!

While the horses were grazing, I was admiring the dandelions, and decided to awaken my sketching  abilities- notice I did NOT say talent!

I picked the several stages of the dandy lion, minus the puff ball- and tried to replicate them with paper and pencil.

 A little yellow gel pen embellishment- and this is the best I can do.
But, I am not giving up- it was fun, and practice makes perfect-maybe!!!

Another Grrrreat Giveaway!!!

Drop by My Arts Desire
It's a lovely blog. And to pique your curiosity- 3 words:

 Help Haiti
Gift Certificate (3)

OK- so that's 5 words!!! But, it's worth checking out!!!!

Tea on Tuesday

Spring, for me, has officially arrived!
As I sit here, the heady scent of my first lilacs of the season hangs in the air. As I descend the stairs, their perfume greets me, and sets the tone for the day.

Altho, we are still have frost at night- it is 43 degrees right now, the sun has melted the frosty dew from the grass. I removed the pot I placed over my tender basil every night this week!

I have purchased cilantro, parsley, basil, rosemary, arugula, thyme, oregano, dill, and raspberry plants. All but one basil and one dill (and the hardy rosemary) are still under the protection of the garage!! We may have another week of nightly mountain frost to endure, before it is safe to put them outside for good!

 My tea this morning, is competing with the lilacs on my dining room table! It is Provence Rooibos. I just discovered this at a tea tasting at Julianna's. Susan, from Over a Teacup , saved this one just for me!! Not really, but she knew I would like it!!!

This loose leaf tea is a caffeine free herbal, from S. Africa, "inspired by the  joie de vivre of France"!
It has the vivid colors of a potpourri, with rooisbos, rosehips, lavender, raisins, black currants, blueberries, and rose petals. I wish you could smell it!!!! A teaspoon in a T-Sac is all it takes- in my favorite Japanese salt fired stoneware mug from Richard Busch's Glenfiddich Farm Pottery.

The happy, sharp trill of a red winged blackbird at my feeder, the smell of lilacs and rooisbos combined, gets the morning off to a good start...........

Visit Patty and Kim for links to other teas!!!

Inchies, Matchboxes, and Zentangles

Two swaps down, one to go...................!!!Finished and mailed my inchies, but I still have alot left over, if anyone feels like swapping, one on one!

I am also "playing" in a swap over at Bad Penny's blog- 10 altered matchboxes. Thanks to some papers I received in Lawendula's swap, some from Patty, and some that I bought from Nathalie at RubyFloy, plus my own small stash, I was able to create some little boxes in the swap's spring to summer theme. I hope they like them!!!You should be able to click on the photos for a closer look.
I am finishing up a mini blank journal- another one of Lawendula's swaps-then, I should be all caught up!!!

The little journal matchbox is a work in progress, with a stamp from
Ruby Floy and some lovely paper from Patty at Magpie's Nest.
If you want to learn more about Zentangling, check out their blog - they have links to lots of fabulous 'tanglers!!

She's Getting Down to Business........

For a very informative article (and a link to her interview with Tara Reed), on art licensing, visit Mary Engelbreit's website.
She tells it like it is, from years of experience. Some of the comments after are enlightening also.!

Another Giveaway in Blogland

Run right over to Inchy by Inch for a fabulous little giveaway!!
I am new to creating inchies, and even if you are not involved in inchiedom- the goodies in the giveaway are useful in any medium!

Tea on Tuesday

A friend emailed me yesterday, about an article in this week's Woman's Day magazine. It was something new to me - wabi sabi. I was intrigued!!!

No having that magazine at hand, I googled the term to see what it was all about. The subject seems a perfect fit for Tea on Tuesday!!!

 Wabi sabi is the Japanese art of a simpler life, free of clutter, both physical and mental. Finding peace and tranquility in a simple life, with less material possessions - kind of Thoreau-esque! Taking pleasure in the simple things-something we probably don't do enough of in this hectic world we inhabit!

Wabi means harmony, peace, and balance. Sabi means a patina that comes with age.

Tea seems to play a part in attaining wabi sabi. The 4 principles of tea are:
Harmony (wa)
Respect  (kei)
Purity      (sei)

There are many books available on Wabi Sabi - I've put up links to a couple of good ones. I apologize for the double link - haven't quite figured out how to remove it!!! Quite annoying!!!

So, sit back and relax with your favorite cup of tea, and enjoy this video on youtube - a series of peaceful photos, bringing the feeling of wabi sabi to life.......

And, be sure to visit Kimmie and Patty for more tea postings and links to the other Tea on Tuesdays!!!

Tea Swap Numero Dos

I just wanted to share what I received in the second teabag swap. Anne was worried her "stuff" wouldn't up to snuff.

Well, let me tell you, she has definitely raised the bar for me!!!!
What a lovely piece of "happy mail" I received, when I opened this swap!!!

Anne created a beautiful tea wallet- with a hidden magnet snap closure. Everything was beautifully presented in clear bags, put together to look like teabags!!!! A rock candy stirrer for my tea, an assortment of Stash teas in the multi pocket wallet and in another bag! She included a tiny green leaf teabag rest. This was above and beyond and I love every bit of it!!!Oh, and biscotti - there was BISCOTTI!!!!
These photos do not do these justice. It's something you just have to see in person!!!
This will make me step up my game in the next swap I participate in!!!LOL
As I write this, I am trying to recall if I posted about tea swap #1- I will have to go back over my posts!! I have been involved in a few swaps of different kinds- and am trying to keep up!!! In tea swap #1, I received a beautiful fabric tea wallet, that I have been carrying in my purse!! Can't remember from who sent it!!! I'm sorry - I will look it up and give credit where credit is due!!!!

We might have to do another teabag swap very soon................................

Monday Morning Giveaway Winners!!!!!!!!

 The computer is slow- the wind is blowing, there's a cloud in the sky - pick an excuse - we never know why it does the things it does!!! So, instead of the Random Number Generator thingy- I put everyone's name and choices on a piece of paper, mixed 'em up, closed my eyes and picked!!!!! totally random - totally luck of the draw!!!

 The winners are:

Arlette- see- being number one wasn't all that bad!!!!-since you did not pick any one book in particular, you are getting Olympic Quilts!!!It's a great book!!!

 Fleurette- your 1st choice was Perfecting the Quilting Stitch- you are getting that book!!

 Mystica- Quilt As Desired

 Knittnkitten- Small Quilts Made Easy

Carole Ann - Cloth Dolls


Contact me with your mailing address (mountain dot meadows at yahoo dot com)- and these will be in the mail to you on Monday!!!!
Thanks for playing!! I wish I had something for everyone!!

Follow This Blog........................

I found a wonderful "new" blog!! I was blog surfing, and always check in on Art Propelled. If you have never visited that blog - you definitely should stop in!!Her wood carvings are to die for!!!!

As usual, she was featuring another wonderful artist, named Elfi Cella.

Elfi creates some amazing art - using everyday objects within her paintings. I just LOVE this one - look closely at what the chicken is aiming for!!! Her blog is in French - I don't know if there is a translation option - but you'll get the idea just looking at her work!!! I am definitely a follower now!!!!

Monday Morning Giveaway!!

I was going thru some boxes and found a bunch of quilting books that need to find  new homes.
There are some beautiful quilts and patterns in these books.
Olympic Quilts is from the 1996 Olympics held in Georgia- the quilts in there are gorgeous!!!
Quilt As Desired is even signed by the author!

So, if you see something that interests you - leave a comment here, and let me know which one you would prefer if you win!!
On Friday, I will let the Random Number Generator thingy pick the winners! My purge is someone else's gain...............Spread the word!!!