Tea Swap Numero Dos

I just wanted to share what I received in the second teabag swap. Anne was worried her "stuff" wouldn't up to snuff.

Well, let me tell you, she has definitely raised the bar for me!!!!
What a lovely piece of "happy mail" I received, when I opened this swap!!!

Anne created a beautiful tea wallet- with a hidden magnet snap closure. Everything was beautifully presented in clear bags, put together to look like teabags!!!! A rock candy stirrer for my tea, an assortment of Stash teas in the multi pocket wallet and in another bag! She included a tiny green leaf teabag rest. This was above and beyond and I love every bit of it!!!Oh, and biscotti - there was BISCOTTI!!!!
These photos do not do these justice. It's something you just have to see in person!!!
This will make me step up my game in the next swap I participate in!!!LOL
As I write this, I am trying to recall if I posted about tea swap #1- I will have to go back over my posts!! I have been involved in a few swaps of different kinds- and am trying to keep up!!! In tea swap #1, I received a beautiful fabric tea wallet, that I have been carrying in my purse!! Can't remember from who sent it!!! I'm sorry - I will look it up and give credit where credit is due!!!!

We might have to do another teabag swap very soon................................


  1. That all looks so adorable!

  2. Love these little goodies. Very creative.

  3. Fabulous tea treats ... really special!
    Enjoy Enjoy!

  4. How great!
    We all have to do this again soon!

  5. My swap came (also with a wallet!). Go see 14/04/2010