Swapamania & Challenges

Online swapping is fun, and certainly addictive!!!
I think I have caught up with all mine-all completed and mailed out!!!
The Collage Box Swap, created by Lawendula  arrived after traveling thru' Europe. Very exciting- a box full of wonderful bits and pieces- I had to choose 12 - very, VERY hard- and put back the same.I think I actually put back 15, but who's counting??? LOL

The above photo is what I chose from the box. Two of the pieces I picked, were able to be cut in half and replaced - they were a duplicate image. Below is what I put back....................

Above is the little booklet that was included. All participants signed and added a "snippet"- I put in an inchie, since I am so inchie obsessed lately!!.
Another swap from the same blog was a mini journal swap (see the icon on my sidebar).
Mine are off in the mail- going across the pond!!! My postmaster informed me that there might be a delay, due to the Icelandic volcanic ash- hopefully not! So, Vera, no peeking- if you want to be surprised!!!

The first journal was made from a vintage photo mat that I cut and tied together with twine and assorted blank pages. I used alot of the papers that I picked out of the collage box for the cover of the journal!!!The letters were from The Graphics Fairy, I believe-see her link on my sidebar.

The 2nd tiny blank journal is made from brown paper grocery bags, with brass grommets, and paper from RubyFloy . Very appropos, since it was Earth Day - the paper is handmade, with leaves, grass and rose petals. The little "journal" stamp on the cover is also from Nathalie's Etsy shop, Ruby Floy.

The outer frame/mat on the brown paper journal below, was a mailing label, trimmed and cut to fit, from Where Women Create- it just seemed to work!
These inchies were challenges from Inchy by Inchy- I think!! One was a "royal lady", the others are letters of the alphabet. I am a bit late, so am starting mid alpha!!!

It's hard to tell - but the letter "M"  has a tiny little person in yoga position holding up the "ommm"!

Last, but not least, this went out in the  mail to "someone".............the last of the altered matchboxes and 2 inchies.


  1. Getting fun mail always makes my day! We/I used to do "inchies" a while back in Scrapbooking, but they were called Serendipty Squares. Interesting.... LOVE your package, and everything else!

  2. Lovely post - I really like the inchie idea! You commented on my blog regarding wooden blocks from India and whether they are used for paint or wax resist. Well usually they are for paint or dye. Metal blocks are better with wax as they give a clearer and more precise line. However you can use wooden blocks with wax - but if you do, using paint on them can be very tricky because of the wax residue.

  3. fun fun post ... I almost took your X's and O's from The Collage Box, had to swoop in on that great blue tag ... I think I got the box one person after you ... great fun LaWendula keeps making for us! She is going to have a Collage Box #3 after summer break.
    Your inchies and everything else you're creating are wonderful Pat.
    So glad you are connected to Nathalie/RubyFloy too!
    You and Kimmie make me want to get back into inchies!
    p.s. enjoyed reading the comment about wooden India stamps too :)

  4. What a great group of projects! And happy to see that you chose 2 (maybe even 3) pieces that I put into the collage box!!

  5. Pat your art work looks great. Your mini journals are lovely. I did this swap too.