"Purging Unearths Forgotten Treasures!!!!" 10th Post Replay!

I notice some folks are re-posting their 10th blog post. Figured I'd play too - here's mine!It also reminded me that I started this second blog a year ago!!!! I might have to have a celebratory giveaway!!! Check back!!!

"Sounds like a headline on a newspaper!!!!

I am in the process of cleaning out an overwhelming amount of boxes from our move - 2 years ago!!!
I have boxes of my mother's, my son, my daughter, not to mention boxes for my eBay and shop inventory.The husband has a fair sized pile also! It's just gotten to be too much in the basement and the garage.
So, even tho I swore up and down that I would NEVER do another yard sale - I am!!
Found my Dear Jane quilt blocks, lots of fabric, books-not to mention the usual household detritus! T
he yard sale pile is growing by leaps and bounds!!! Don't worry, I am NOT selling my Dear Jane blocks!!! I am just trying to wade thru the sea of debris that has become my basement!!!

I came across this cute little pin of my own design, that I made when I belonged to a Folk Art Club, many years ago. I love Raggedy Ann- so cr
eating her was a natural choice!! She brings back many fond memories, and she will swing on in my studio!!

I found this neat vintage sequined peacock pin also. It is resting on the back of my basket quilt that was machine quilted by Ann Weber in Ashburn, Va.
Alot on my quilts are still packed aw
ay, because I can't hang them up til the walls are painted!!!

Well, on with the purge - I know there are more goodies hidden away!!!"


  1. It's almost like Christmas isn't it? You just never know what you'll unwrap! Stay at it, girl.

  2. Did you make your pin for the Woolie Nuts ;) Ann's peacock is wonderful too!

  3. fun to revisit even if mine was about a stone !

  4. What fun this is, here's mine ;)



  5. The peacock is mine - the machine quilting was by Ann, the Raggedy Anne was made for Dana's/Memere's Garden Folk Art Club - waaaay back when!! That was before Pat Sloan became PAT SLOAN!!! LOL

  6. What a clever idea. Love the idea. You have inspired me, too. I'll be doing my 10th post soon. Isn't it fun to unearth lots of things, including old posts?

  7. I still have my raggedy ann from when I was a kid :)
    I just love the primitive style of folk art - your doll pin is so cute :)
    Thanks for playing - that was fun :)

  8. Pat did you notice my first comment was from back in March 2009 ;)