Tea on Tuesday

A friend emailed me yesterday, about an article in this week's Woman's Day magazine. It was something new to me - wabi sabi. I was intrigued!!!

No having that magazine at hand, I googled the term to see what it was all about. The subject seems a perfect fit for Tea on Tuesday!!!

 Wabi sabi is the Japanese art of a simpler life, free of clutter, both physical and mental. Finding peace and tranquility in a simple life, with less material possessions - kind of Thoreau-esque! Taking pleasure in the simple things-something we probably don't do enough of in this hectic world we inhabit!

Wabi means harmony, peace, and balance. Sabi means a patina that comes with age.

Tea seems to play a part in attaining wabi sabi. The 4 principles of tea are:
Harmony (wa)
Respect  (kei)
Purity      (sei)

There are many books available on Wabi Sabi - I've put up links to a couple of good ones. I apologize for the double link - haven't quite figured out how to remove it!!! Quite annoying!!!

So, sit back and relax with your favorite cup of tea, and enjoy this video on youtube - a series of peaceful photos, bringing the feeling of wabi sabi to life.......

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  1. I bought the Leonard Koren book after Lumilyon told me about wabi sabi a while back - it's fascinating - and is a huge part of the tea ceremony. I'm glad to see you this Tea on Tuesday .... and I'm so sorry about Miss Lilly ....
    (((hugs)))) Kimmie

  2. I thought I missed this from last week. Glad to see that Kimmie's post had the date and I was just early, not late.

    I remember getting the Leonard Koren book from the library and one phrase really stuck with me, although I can't quote it verbatim. It had to do with reason being subordinate to perception. I'm not sure why that phrase stuck with me, but I guess it's because I always considered reason to be a higher function than perception. Guess that is the scientist in me.

    This is a great post. You picked an excellent Tea Tuesday topic.

    BTW, I really must check out Elfi Cella's blog. What an amazing photo you showed.

  3. thank you - I'll check it out right now ( drinking coffee !!!! )

  4. The Leonard Koren book looked the best to me- there was another that seemed really good - The Wabi Sabi House by Robin Griggs Lawrence @ wabisabihouse.com. Her theory of simplify and tranquility appealed to me- tea vs Starbucks;a simple tree branch vs a commercial flower arrangement; flea markets vs shopping mall; a piece of simple, and maybe imperfect pottery, hand thrown by a craftsman vs a made in China bowl from Target!

  5. I resemble Sabi ;)
    Lennie has a good eye for interesting bits doesn't she! Wabi Sabi is something I would like to look into again. Thanks for the book recommendations...nice tea post today!

  6. Great tea post, I must go to the library and get a book or two to read more, it is so intriguing! Lennie

  7. this was fascinating and I enjoyed learning about the word. it seems a good fit for many of my paintings!

  8. I'm definitely going to have to check out those books... I am a firm believer that shedding material possessions once in a while is extremely freeing... I have to simplify my life once in a while to stay sane... I'd love to live that way all the time... unfortunately simple living isn't that simple any more....

  9. I'm a great believer in Wabi Sabi and have Living Wabi Sabi. Its time I read it again.