Tea on Tuesday

Spring, for me, has officially arrived!
As I sit here, the heady scent of my first lilacs of the season hangs in the air. As I descend the stairs, their perfume greets me, and sets the tone for the day.

Altho, we are still have frost at night- it is 43 degrees right now, the sun has melted the frosty dew from the grass. I removed the pot I placed over my tender basil every night this week!

I have purchased cilantro, parsley, basil, rosemary, arugula, thyme, oregano, dill, and raspberry plants. All but one basil and one dill (and the hardy rosemary) are still under the protection of the garage!! We may have another week of nightly mountain frost to endure, before it is safe to put them outside for good!

 My tea this morning, is competing with the lilacs on my dining room table! It is Provence Rooibos. I just discovered this at a tea tasting at Julianna's. Susan, from Over a Teacup , saved this one just for me!! Not really, but she knew I would like it!!!

This loose leaf tea is a caffeine free herbal, from S. Africa, "inspired by the  joie de vivre of France"!
It has the vivid colors of a potpourri, with rooisbos, rosehips, lavender, raisins, black currants, blueberries, and rose petals. I wish you could smell it!!!! A teaspoon in a T-Sac is all it takes- in my favorite Japanese salt fired stoneware mug from Richard Busch's Glenfiddich Farm Pottery.

The happy, sharp trill of a red winged blackbird at my feeder, the smell of lilacs and rooisbos combined, gets the morning off to a good start...........

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  1. Thanks for the pictures of the lilacs! I had forgotten about their wonderfulness! Had them back in Indiana, none here in New Hampshire. I too, am waiting for the last of the frost to come and go so I can plant some basil and parsley. Starting slow, will wait and see what is here before starting any larger. Got the seeds for my Zinnias, Sunflowers and Cosmos. What would late summer be without their beautiful colors?

  2. ahhh I can smell the lilacs and boy are yours beautiful Pat! I can only bring a small bunch in (same with the lily of the valley) Mr M and I get to sneezing ... that never used to happen.
    Love your tea description too...ummmm

    Spring IS in the air, it's most welcome isn't it!
    I know this is a happy and busy time of year for you!

  3. Wow! The lilacs almost look like wisteria!

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  5. Mmm the tea sounds delicious. And now I am wanting some T-sacs. I need to find them locally, shipping is more than the product!

  6. Your lilacs are incredible. So beautiful in those vases. They really do smell sweet. I haven't had any since I moved to Kansas, but the memory of that scent came rushing back when I read your post and saw your wonderful photos.

    I have not been able to buy raspberry canes. The nursery where I went was simply unable to get them. You are very lucky that you were able to get them.

    I have the same herbs as you, but mine are still in packages in my laundry room waiting to get planted. I suspect you will have herbs long before I. However, the frost is now gone (as of today, we are supposed to be frost free in our area), so I hope you are frost free soon, too.

    Lovely post that brought back a flood of wonderful memories.

  7. Yes indeedy the lilacs are absolutely beautiful this year for me too. I brought in a bouquet but like Patty I can't keep too many indoors as I get to sneezing. Yours are lovely in those vases. I put my bouquet out on the picnic table on the patio off the kitchen so I can see them and today is a lovely day for just this kind of thing. The other day it was way too windy and they would have blown away. I too am moving my herbies back and forth, indoors at night, outside in the day. I don't normally plant them outside until around Mother's Day due to possible frost at night Enjoy the abundance of Springtime. Lennie

  8. Oh, your tea time today sounds like total bliss! I worked out in my herb garden this past weekend. I cut all the dead stuff off from last year and the little sprouts are just starting to be seen. I am so ready for summer!!

  9. Greetings my dear,

    Your lilacs are magnificent! My bush has not bloomed yet and if it did, I would obtain very few flowers, for it has never done well in our garden.

    I love the last photo as it is a model for a painting, so if you have any art material about, I suggest to start painting.

    Today I also posted about tea, but something of a different order.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  10. Lovely! I wish Lilacs grew here...

  11. I did go out once again to try to get a few photos of my lilacs. I want to cut them but for now I am just enjoying them and their fragrance in the dusk of the evening. Embrace the moment. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. Those lilacs are beautiful. I love rooibos tea, it's a favourite in our home. Try a litre each of rooibos tea and apple juice - chilled, so refreshing!

  13. Hello Pat,

    I just remembered when my gdaughter was about 3 she told me the lilac tree was called a butterfly tree.
    Must look that one up.

    Did my Tea swap ever make it to you :)as I have had sooo much post go missing.

    Sorry that I am a day late 'stuff' got in the way.

    have a good day
    Chriss x