Nature Walk

Roadside rescue and relocation- he was actually quite a friendly little guy....
(all photos can be clicked on for a better view)
Planted last season, but decided to come up this season!

Pretty thistle, but not in my hay fields

Covered with ants, and a fly, stage right, coming in for a landing

Budding Mullein

Tree decoration- rusty found objects

One man's trash is another womans' treasure..

'Tis the season for baby toads- you think it's a tiny grasshopper jumping out of harm's way - and it's a teenie toadie smaller than a dime !
Husband calls them weeds, I call them wildflowers....

If you live in Rockingham County, Va- don't forget to vote on Tuesday!


  1. The wild daisy-looking flowers are wonderful!

  2. Lovely photos and nice work with the turtle rescue--I usually get peed on when trying to do that...

  3. Hold at arms length at all times!!!LOL